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This is another installment in the series: How to Get a Logo for Your New Business. The series covers all options for entrepreneurs from free logos, online logo creators (of which this review will review of logo garden sitefocus on the site Logo Garden.com), DIY, logo templates, graphic designers, agencies and the best crowdsource logo contest sites.

>I bought my new logo (see the top left corner) that I love at 99designs. Read about my experience in review of 99 designs logos

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When you start your own business one of the first steps is to create a logo for your new brand. One option is to use a free logo maker online such as LogoGarden.com.

Logo Design Process at Logo Garden

The design your own logo is fairly simple. Go to Logo Garden login click on the free logo maker (see screenshot below).

Once there you will begin by choosing a symbol from the stock images such as a swirl, triangle, cat from the categories sorted by industry.

In the page footer are links to training videos to help you design your own logo online.

Then you will add your business name and customize with font style, size, and color.

Be sure to save and download your logo.


logos by 99designs reviews
While the site claims to be a professional logo creator is it really a stock logo customizer. You are putting together stock pre-done elements and calling it a custom logo.  The prices, from free to low cost of under $50 are certainly cheap, but since all you are getting is a stock logo it is priced correctly. You don’t need a logo garden coupon code to get a great deal.

free logos online maker logo garden

Stock Designs

Disadvantages of Logo Garden is their very standard and sort of ugly stock designs. They are no different than the free clip art any kid can download from the internet.

Plus the stock images are not sorted into industry categories which would make the tedious process of selecting a logo design quicker and easier.


In conclusion, you get exactly what you pay for with a free logo – nothing!

I am NOT a fan of free logos for businesses. There are lots of other ways to save money to bootstrap your startup instead of on your logo.

Remember your logo is your hardest working employee that will be seen by potential customers thousands of times every year. Don’t shoot yourself in your foot, and hobble your great company launch, by doing a free logo online.

Instead, do what I did, go buy your logo, in a crowdsource logo design contest at 99designs. Check out my great new logo on the top of this page and watch this video of my ordering and submission review process.



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