99designs Alternatives: 55+ Competitors for Logo Designs

99designs competitors and alternatives for logo design onlineContinuing my commitment to informing you, my small business readers, of ALL your options for logo designs. This list is updated regularly as I discover new options for creating logos for your company. FYI I got my new logo made for my business at 99designs and I love it! Check out my review of 99designs 

Each entry has more information about the type of service, DIY Do it Yourself, Online, CrowdSource, Software or Job Board, plus descriptions and pointers.

I got the perfect logo for this website on 99designs and I love it! Read my review of 99designs logos and watch the videos to see me launch a logo design contest!


Big List of 99designs Alternatives for Your Logo Design

      1. 99designs Yes I am partial to 99designs because I love the great new logo I got designed with crowdsourcing. They are the #1 online graphic design marketplace with over 400,000 satisfied customers of which I am one. Read about how I got the perfect logo for my business at 99 logos
      2. crowdSPRING – I reviewed Crowdspring.com in detail and found that their site was confusing and the designs were generally boring and lackluster. The prices were the same as 99designs which delivered higher quality design and more logo choices.
      3. designContest – Another graphic design contest site. Prices are comparable to 99designs and they offer a wide range of design services such as logo design, business card, website design, and illustration. Customer reviews are generally OK.
      4. DesignCrowd  – Read my full review here. As compared to my top recommendation 99designs they offer a similar money back guarantee and general quality. HOWEVER beware that the pricing structure is very different. It may appear the same but you are charged extra fees for posting, project upgrades, and transactions fees.
      5. Designhill – I wrote a full-length review of Designhill here  This site offers logo design and graphic design services in multiple manners – crowdsource logo design contests, one on one projects, monthly design subscriptions and ready-made logo store with stock images.
      6. hatchwise – This site is a design agency located in New London, Connecticut. Their site manages logo design contests, plus web design, business card, banner ads and t-shirt design.  I thought the logos were amateurish and of lower quality. Top review site SiteJabber user rates it 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. Some users liked a large amount of design logo submissions, other users were disappointed with the designs calling them “elementary school”. Ouch! Not recommended.
      7. Logo Arena – Another logo contest site imitation of the best and the original 99designs. Prices are competitive with other crowdsource graphic sites. The number of logo design submission varied greatly within the same pricing package. Some $249 contests got 34 logo design ideas, others got 60. None got over 100+ as I did in my 99designs logo contest. Read my review of 99design logo experience. 
      8. LogoMyWay – Yet another logo design contest site. This site was easier to use than other crowdsource design site competitors of 99designs. I liked the Logo Portfolio tab that showed many designs, both by industry and the latest logo design contests. The downfall was clunky, and nonvisual ordering process which did not offer sample logo images nor color swatches to make the design communication process effective, such as 99designs does. One of the more critical points in logo design is the design brief and most business people, I included, need help to speak to designers effectively.
      9. ZillionDesigns Seems there is an endless stream of 99design knockoff sites. Here is another one formerly called MycroBurst.com. They boast 100,000 designers while 99designs has over 1 million designers ready to design your logo. The prices are only $10 less than the top sites. The offer logo design, web page design, stationary design, marketing collateral, and blog template designs. Their website is better looking than another wannabe 99 logo sites.  One plus is that they offer print services such as business cards, signs, brochures, and t-shirts with your newly designed logos. Nicely they also offer a free logo designer – which I have not tried so I cannot comment on its usefulness.
      10. Deluxe Business Logo Design – Top business form and printed checks company Deluxe.com is now offering professional logo design services. The main problem, besides having a business form printer design your brand look, is that the prices are high and you only get four (4) design choices! My top choice 99designs logo contest got over 100 great ideas for my logo. Read my review of the logo packages from Deluxe.com
      11. Upwork – Is not specifically a logo design site, it is the top freelance online marketplace which has professional graphic artists available for designing your logo. While there are very talented artists on this site, you do not get the creative genius, at affordable prices that 99designs offers. Here you post your project by completing a form, then Upwork sends you suggested freelancers. You can also browse designers and contact them about your project. While I like using this site and have found great freelance writers, I don’t recommend it for logo design because it is not crowdsourced.
      12. Fiverr – The largest online marketplace for low-cost digital services, including logo design. Read my review about 99designs vs Fiverr.  I bought, with my own money, NOT comped by the vendor, two (2) logo design projects – one at Fiverr and the other 99designs. My test experience shows the sharp contrast in quality of design. The ones from Fiverr were unusable, thus I wasted my money 🙁 I love my new logo from 99designs, see it at the top of this site. So 99designs vs Fiverr for logos – 99designs wins by a mile!
      13. Freelancer – This, the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace, has programmers, web developers, writers, and data entry plus designers for hire. To get started you have to complete a form, without the helpful visual tools of 99designs, or browse the site and find a freelancer. Once you find a designer you like click the HIRE ME button to get started. You are also offered a button to – Post a Contest Like This. Generally, the lower priced, the less experienced designers are available for hire on this site.
      14. Toptal.com – Another crowdsource design site, fashioned after 99designs. They boast 600,000 designers – while 99designs has over 1 million talented designers. They claim that you will get more designs that other sites with pricing for any budget. Cannot confirm these claims. Top review site, Best Company, users rated it 4.4 out of 5.0 stars with 12 users. BUT those reviews were all for software engineers, not logo designers. Their business model is to rigorously interview freelancers so that they have the top 3% of freelance talent online.
      15. PeoplePerHour.com – On online job board for low cost, quick jobs. There are four (4) ways to use the site; browse hourly workers and hire immediately, Post a Job and receive proposal then select one to start work, search designer profiles and contact them to discuss your logo design project, or post a crowdsource contest.
      16. Engineer Babu – Their business model removes the hassle of managing freelance talent and the risk of project delay or incompletion. Instead, you are assigned a Tech Expert who discusses your logo design and assembles a custom team, manages the project to meet your budget and deadline. It is an interesting concept that could work well for larger projects outside of logo design, and for those who do not want to use crowdsourcing.
      17. Designapp
      18. Designimo
      19. DesignMantic
      20. FreeLogoDesign
      21. FreeLogoServices
      22. GraphicSprings
      23. Hipster Logo Generator
      24. LOGASTER
      25. LogoFactoryWeb
      26. LogoGarden
      27. logogenie
      28. Logomakr
      29. LogoMaker
      30. Logoshi
      31. LogoSmartz – Software for logo design with 1800+ premade logo templates, 5000 symbols vector, and 1500 taglines and slogans.
      32. Logotype Maker
      33. MakeLogoOnlineFree
      34. Online Logo Maker
      35. Tailor Brands
      36. The Logo Creator Software
      37. Vistaprint Logo Design Tool
      38. Withoomph!
      39. YouiDraw
      40.  AAA Logo
      41. Jeta Logo Designer
      42. MyLogoMaker Professional
      43. Quick Logo Designer
      44. Logo Design Studio – Software base software that offers extension pack for industries such as fashion, retail, construction and food bevers with vector graphics
      45. Envato Studios
      46. Guru.com – Online freelance site to shop, hire and manage global workers. They claim to have over 700,000 graphic designers as workers. A benefit is the Work Room online collaboration tool which makes coordination and tracking easier. It is reported to be risk-free, because you only pay your freelancer after you are satisfied with the work. This is also true of most top sites. Read about 99designs money back guarantee here
      47. Gigster
      48. LocalSolo
      49. Crew
      50. Hireabl
      51. Gun.io
      52. Pangara
      53. Transformify
      54. Crowdsite
      55. Tongal


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