99designs Best Yoga Logo Designs for Studios, Schools and Retreat Centers

Your yoga studio needs a great logo to communicate visually and spiritually your mission to students and great logo design can do just that.  Use these trends in logo designs for yoga businesses to brand your classes. From children’s yoga schools to medical physical therapy yoga center and beachside retreats great logos build awareness and class attendance.

While the practice of yoga is over 5,000 years old it has become a trend recently. Statistical reports state that over 40% of people aged 18-54 participate in yoga practice. Also, the Sports and Fitness Industry Association report that over 1.7 million American kids, under age 17, practice yoga. This popularity has spawned a rapid growth in yoga studios and related businesses.

Clever logo yoga can be an eclectic mix of design elements including poses, lotus flowers, and spiritual symbols.

99designs logo yoga schools studio retreats

Here are examples of yoga logos from the crowdsource logo contest site I recommend and used to create the new logo that I love, 99designs.

Relax and stretch your mind as you travel through this logo inspiration gallery of yoga logos.

Modern Graphics Logo Designs for Yoga

These are amongst my favorite new logo designs from winning logo contests at 99designs. I love the creativity that is unlocked from the crowd of over a million designers worldwide.

clean elegant modern logos for yoga



The Color Purple 

Many effective yoga logos use the color purple, which represents spiritual fulfillment, transformation, creativity and spirit awareness. It is also the color of the wisdom center crown chakra.

purple logos for yoga studio classes examples

99designs logo yoga schools studio retreats

Lotus Flower Logos

The beautiful lotus flower, a symbol of rebirth is perfect for yoga products and classes.

examples logos for yoga studios by 99designs

99designs logo yoga schools studio retreats

Yoga Logos with Poses

Popular logos for yoga retreat and classes use graphic symbols of classic yoga poses such as lotus.

logo designs for yoga wellness retreat centers


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