99designs Logo Design Brief - Why Visual is Better than Text Only

The first step in getting the very best logo for your business is to create a comprehensive logo design brief.  This document contains important information about your brand message that you want your new logo design to communicate to your customers. Check out my 99designs logo review detailing my experience, complete with a video tutorial, of getting a logo made for my business at 99 logos.

To be most effective it should contain information about your marketing goals, products, your point of difference versus competing brands, company culture, target audience, and design preferences.

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Because logos are visual and graphic designers learn visually, the most effective logo design briefs contain visual elements. Some logo design websites I have reviewed previously  (99designs vs designhill) make the creation of this design brief complex and difficult by using a lengthy questionnaire which is entirely composed of text and words with no visual elements. Fail.

Just as the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words, visual references are key to communicating your desires, aesthetic style and vision to your graphic designers.

99designs logo design brief review

This is one of the reasons why I recommend 99 designs to all my small business clients because their logo ordering process is simple, easy and full of visual elements. Using this method is easier for you, the buyer, a business person, to communicate to your graphic designer. Plus, it’s easier and more effective for the graphic designer to understand your needs – because of their visual learning orientation.

To me, it is another example of the professionals at 99 designs thinking through the process of getting a logo design for your business and making it easier and better for everyone involved. You are a busy professional who speaks in words and numbers, so sometimes it is difficult to communicate to creative individuals such as graphic designers who speak what seems like a different language – pictures. Wherein you understand words and are comfortable with this type of exchange,  graphic designers are more likely to understand visual language than words alone.

As in all endeavors both business and personal, clear communication is vital for best results.

99Designs: Logos from just $299!


How to write a good design brief for best logo design contest success

  • Business overview – a two sentence summary of your product and service is sufficient. An example would be, “our interior design company helps clients decorate their beachfront homes in seaside style”.
  • Target audience – here is where you describe your audience so that your designer can create images that are most compelling to them. Be sure to describe their gender, ages, and motivation to purchase your product or service.
  • Brand values – here is where you describe the emotions and messages that you want your logo design to communicate such as luxury, low price, fun, serious, etc
  • Style Preferences – tell your designer your visual style that you want for your logo such as vintage, modern, bold, soft, etc
  • Colors and Shades – if you have color preferences here is where you will tell your designer or allow your designer to make color suggestions.
  • Logo Example Images – now share with your designer various images that you find interesting and like their look for your new design. Remember they do not need to be from your industry, nor do they have to be the exact color or symbol to use for design inspiration.
    • 99 designs allow you to upload images and attach them to your logo design brief which is very helpful to your designer and quick and easy for you. Alternatively, you could create a Pinterest board and pin visual images, both illustrations and photos, and include the link in your design brief. Watch me order a logo for my business


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