99designs Logo Reviews: Retro and Vintage Style Logos

Retro logos are cool and trending. Check out these retro style logo designs, all contest winners, from 99designs. Vintage and retro-looking logos are very popular and allow for lots of creativity and fun.  Whether you want a badge, stamp, hand-drawn or flat design logo 99designs has you covered.

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A major reason why I recommend using a crowd source design site like 99designs is that you tap into the creative minds of thousands of artists across the globe who are able to create all different styles of logo designs.

If you hire a single graphic artist you are limited to their design aesthetics, but not with a crowdsourced contest. Designers review contests and only submit to ones in which they are proficient in your desired style.

My Review about  my experience getting my new logo at 99designs in a crowdsourced design contest

99Designs: Logos from just $299!


Mitch’s launched their logo design contest and picked this great design below. They requested a rustic country feel to the logo.  Their gas station and convenience store also sell made to order food. Their customers are both locals and tourists.


logo designed by 99designs.com

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99Designs: Logos from just $299!


The Hop Supply Company wanted a simple design with a vintage yet modern feel.  As a craft beer bottle shop they knew that great logo design would boost sales. Their contest received 196 designs from 61 different freelance artists. The feeling they wanted the design to convey was abstract and geometric.


logos with retro design elements

logos by 99designs good

Front Porch Paper is a delivery service of paper goods such as paper towels and toilet paper. They were interested in the colors of green for growth and harmony and blues for knowledge and trust. I love the illustration and friendly yet cool image their new portrays.


winner logo designs at 99designs


Harry’s Pet Products, located in San Francisco, launched a logo design contest and got 35 designs from 22 99designs designers.  Their target market is the upscale hipster who loved old-fashioned looking logos.  Preferred colors were dark and light neutrals and yellows.  Styles requested to be classic and mature.  The final logo they choose is so fun yet dignified.



vintage badge logos



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