99designs Logos: Money Back Guarantee Explained

Are you considering launching a 99 designs logo contest? If so, you will want to know about their 100% money back guarantee. Is it legit? Yes.

Here are the rules, exceptions and customer feedback about the 99designs refund guarantee.

99designs 100% Money Back Guarantee Details

money back guarantee 99designs logo contest

Yes, their money back guarantee is legit. They offer a 100% refund money back guarantee within 60 days of your payment on all crowdsource contests. I like companies that stand behind their products by providing a money back guarantee. To me, it shows the firm’s confidence in the quality of their offerings. Additionally, it allows me to decide to purchase because it is risk-free and I can get a refund if I am not 100% satisfied.

Their site states, “100% Money Back Guarantee – A Design you Love or Your Money Back”.
logo contest guaranteed money back

Exceptions To Money Back Guarantee

Be aware that there are exceptions to the money back guarantee as detailed below:

Guaranteed Prize
All crowdsource design projects that you as the customer chose to guarantee the prize are not eligible for refunds. The reason many 99 design buyers decide to guarantee the design contest is that it will attract more high-quality graphic designers that are sure that the logo contest winner will get paid.
I chose this option when I got a logo design for my new business at 99 designs. Read my full 99designs review and experience here.

Final Round
Once your crowdsource design contest enters the final round, which is the 3rd stage of your 99 designs contest when you will select your final logo designs.

So I recommend that if, during the 1st, qualifying round you are not satisfied with the designs submitted that you contact 99 designs and allow them to help you to revise your logo brief to get more satisfactory designs to match your business vision. This 1st stage will last for four days in which time you will receive logo designs and provide feedback about logos you like, and those you don’t. 99 designs artists will submit other revised logo concepts for your review.

Winner Awarded
When you have chosen a winner for your crowdsource contest, you have forfeited your rights to a 100% money-back guarantee. This makes sense. You have 14 days to select your winning logo design and click on the plus for that logo concept to award your chosen designer. It is only fair that once you have awarded the winner in the final round that you cannot change your mind and claim a refund.


Customer Support –One on One

If after 3 days you are not satisfied with the logo submissions in your design contest they offer a great one-on-one service at no extra charge.

Call them at 1-800-513-1678 and they will pause your contest and help you revise your logo brief to more closely match your design vision and company branding. Then they will restart your contest as if it was brand-new and you will receive designs that you are more likely to like. However, if you are still not satisfied after 3 days you can get a full refund.

Thus launching a logo design contest at 99 designs is essentially risk-free with their generous 100% Money Back Guarantee.


How to get Your Full Refund

If you are not satisfied with the logo design submissions in your crowdsource contest at 99 designs you can ask for a full refund.  To get your money back call the customer service numbers below during business hours listed. Your account information will need to be verified by telephone in order to process your money back refund.

San Francisco: 8am-5pm PST 1-800-513-1678 (from USA or Canada) or +1 800-513-1678 (from any other country)

Australia: 9am-5pm AEDT 03 9111 5799 (From Australia)

United Kingdom: 9am-9pm GMT +44 203 514 9220


Customer Reviews – Online Feedback

Based on my online research users have verified that 99 designs money back guarantee is indeed customers received their money back. In fact, some customers reported that they received a full refund even though they were in ineligibleon their choice to guarantee the contest. They were very impressed with the customer service and generosity of 99 designs refund policy.

There were some a few disgruntled customers that due to issues on the customer side were not able to complete their contests and wanted refunds. However, these customers were unreasonable and expecting companies to refund monies due to no negligence on their part. One customer who posted on Reddit blamed 99 designs for their failed contest because the customer had a car accident! This makes no sense and is unreasonable on the customer’s part.

Read my full 99designs review and experience here.



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