99designs Restaurant Logos: Tasty and Delicious

As an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, you know that great logos whet customer’s appetites for your delicious food products, great restaurant meals, craft beer, coffee drinks and personal chef services.

The great logo designers at 99designs.com have outdone themselves with these great new logo designs.

Check out these examples, all logo design contest winners, for your inspiration and ideas for your new logo

I bought my new logo for this site from 99designs. Read my review of logo designers at 99designs.com

Modern Look with a retro feel using an old neon road sign image for Mad Eats, American Diner Restaurant New Logo

99designs restaurant logo design example


Logo design of BBQ restaurant called Smokin Swine. Circle, badge type design with a funny pig. Both the company name and the fun vibe make me want to eat at this place!


inspiration and examples of restaurant bbq logos


Two Bucks Brewing picked this design as the winner of their logo contest. It works well in both green or white. I like the strong graphic lines and stylized hops, the main ingredient in beer, incorporated into the design.


brewery restaurant designs logo



This name and logo communicate clearly what I can expect at this restaurant – a natural, fresh and sweet dish. The colors are pretty and will print beautifully on t-shirts and aprons.  Even though it is a colorful logo the design is so strong that it will also work in black and white.


natural organic salad restaurants



7 Steps to a Great New Logo for Your Restaurant


The logo, or the pictorial image that conveys the title of the restaurant, will be a part of your brand and so a significant identifier for your clients. Though your tastes and preferences will inevitably become involved, you also should adhere to some fundamentals of superior logo design to choose the one which will indeed set your restaurant apart from the competition.

Step 1 – Simple is Good
Select a logo that’s easy, with few complicated or intricate specifics. It needs to be simple to discern with just a quick glance. A symbol that contains three colors is on the point of becoming too active; a logo which includes no more than two colors is better.

Step 2 – Big is Beautiful
Make sure that your simple emblem may be resized — created larger and more prominent — and still seem attractive. Additionally, it should seem impressive in color or black and white. Bear in mind that your logo will look in various sizes and color formats, based on where it is used, such as on hints, your menu, your site and other promotional materials.

Step 3 – Conveys Your Restaurant Mood
Select a symbol that matches the idea of your restaurant. It should communicate a relationship, even in a subtle manner. By way of instance, a casual family restaurant ought to have a symbol with a casual look and texture while an elegant restaurant ought to have a much more upscale, sophisticated logo.

Step 4 – Test of Time
Prevent trendy emblem designs or the ones that might unwittingly date your company. The top logos endure the test of time.

Step 5 – Expand Your Vision
Widen your perspective, recalling that lots of small business logos don’t portray what the company sells or does. Most automobile manufacturers don’t have logos which represent vehicles; a few exact well-known computer business logos don’t represent notebooks or notepads. Similarly, your restaurant logo doesn’t need to depict spices, food, utensils or other pictures which are all about restaurants.

Step 6 – Free Stock Logos Look & Taste Bad
Reject a symbol that seems cheap, comprises clip art or which looks like additional well-known emblem designs. Your logo needs to be as distinctive and impressive as your restaurant.

Step 7 – Get Customer Input
Consult trustworthy friends and colleagues on your logo, but do not expect to achieve a consensus. Some logo designers prefer to state that “anybody can be a critic” of the job because everybody has two eyes and may consequently render an impression. Follow audio logo-design selection fundamentals, but hope your great instincts, also.


Logo Design Checklist

When you are considering possible designs of logos, ask these questions to make sure that your new design is right for your company and passes this logo use test. If you answer, “no” to any one of these – start again and pick a different winner from your 99designs logo contest submission ideas


  1. Does the logo communicate your company store?
  2. Is it unique and trademark free, meaning you can trademark the design as your new logo?
  3. Does it work well in a very large size, for a building sign, and also very small for a business card?
  4. Does it work well in one color? Sometimes you will only be given one color choice
  5. Can it be embroidered on a piece of fabric – such as a cap, hat, bag or apron?
  6. Does it look good in digital media on your website and in social media channels? It must be able to fit into a square and sometimes a wide rectangle. Can it the name stacked and still read well.
  7. Does it pop out and get customer attention when used in an ad?


I used 99designs to design a new logo for my company. Watch the video tutorial of how to get the most from your logo design contest at 99designs. 



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