99designs Logos vs Deluxe Business Custom Logo Design

Another installment of my continuing series of comparing 99designs, my recommendation for business logo design, and other 99designs alternatives. Today I am reviewing Deluxe.com programs for custom logo design.

>>I got my new logo designed at 99designs – and I love it! Check out the videos and review of my 99designs logo experience

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About Deluxe Business Logo Design

logos by 99designs reviews

Perhaps you know of Deluxe Business as the largest retailer of business checks and forms. I like their small business products and have reviewed them positively here

Now the company has expanded their small business offerings to include logo design in direct competition with 99designs.com

While they do offer Logo Design packages, they are not a crowdsource graphic design contest site like 99 designs. They have a team of graphic artists that will design your logo.

While I am sure their artists are qualified, this business model lacks the creative power of the crowd that makes 99design so good.  This is more of an agency program where you order your logo and gets submissions from their graphic designers.


Logo Design Pricing and Packages

Below are the prices of the logo packages starting at $195 for Bronze up to $995 for Platinum.  Compared to 99designs starter package at $299 Deluxe is less expensive. However, you get a lot fewer design concepts at Deluxe.com.

They only offer four (4) in the starter Bronze package for $195 – compared to 30+ guaranteed from 99designs.  I ordered the Bronze package at 99designs and got over 100 great logo designs!

I would find it hard to get the right logo from only four (4) choices. That is why I highly recommend 99designs logo and brand identity package for all new business startups.  This package, which saves time and money, combines logo designs, business card, stationery and web social media graphics in one graphic design contests.


logos by deluxe business



Comparisons of Logo Design Samples

When comparing the two logo designs you can see how the “magic” creative juice of the crowd from 99designs outshines the standard agency look from Deluxe business.

Logos from Deluxe Business Services

examples designs logos deluxe


Logos from 99designs CrowdSource

identity logos designs crowd source


Customer Reviews and Testimonials for Deluxe Logo Design

Below are two customer testimonials from the Deluxe Business logo center.  They look legit and are satisfied customers. One customer appreciated how a last-minute company name change was accommodated at no extra charge.

testimonials logos designs deluxe business



>>I got my new logo designed at 99designs – and I love it! Check out the videos and review of my 99designs logo experience


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