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99designs vs designhill pricingIf you are looking to get a logo made for your company you want to know about pricing for logo design at top crowdsource contest websites. I will review and compare logo pricing packages for the top sites 99designs and Designhill.

One of the reasons I recommend 99 designs is their generous 100% money back guarantee – thus launching a logo design contest is risk-free.

Another reason that I recommend 99designs to start up companies is because of the high-quality logo designs for affordable prices.  See these professionally designed logos by 99designs.com logos for dental clinics, exercise fitness studio logos, and restaurants logos.



Comparision of 99Designs vs Designhill Logo Designs


99designs vs designhill logo designs


99Designs Advantages

Yes, it’s true I do recommend 99designs to all my startup business clients. I do so because of my own positive experience of getting a logo made for this site.  The top advantages of 99designs.com are:

  1. Affordable – For lean startup firms it is priced right and even the entry level package at $299 will get you many logos you will love. My logo design contest got 100+ submissions. The cost was under $3.00 per logo idea.
  2. Creative – By tapping into the creative genius of a crowd of the best graphic artists on the planet you will get the most unique and beautiful logo designs, not just the same standard, boring looks your competitor uses.
  3. Professional – The designers at 99designs are all professionals who understand how to use design to increase sales and they will prepare your files to industry standard specifications for your use in printing business cards or use digitally on your website.
  4. Equitable – One of the problems of working with artists one on one, and advertising agencies are dealing with the artistic temperament and personalities. If you have to tell the artist you don’t like their creation it could become uncomfortable and perhaps unpleasant. Also, I found that some agencies try to “sell me” on what I should like in a logo design. I want to have the power of making up my own mind.


While I do like 99designs you need to learn a new business model of working in a crowdsourcing environment. This means you need to follow the easy directions that 99 logos give you for best results.

It may be a short learning curve on how to work entirely online via email and online forums for some of you who are familiar with meeting with your suppliers in person.

However, the benefits of better quality design at lower prices makes the effort to learn this business model process worthwhile.

designhill site review

Designhill Advantages

This is a good site and is easy to navigate and use.

  1. Options for design services – Designhill offers graphic design services in multiple ways, design contests, one on one projects, monthly design subscription services, and a readymade logo store. Good for those who want to pick a single designer or who want a designer on standby for on-demand design needs.
  2. Competitive Pricing – The pricing packages shown below are fairly priced and within most small business budgets.


logo design prices


99 logos reviews vs design hill



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