99designs Logo Examples: Modern Logos - Clean, Simple and Elegant

Looking for great modern a logo for your business? Check out these best of 99designs logo examples that are modern and contemporary. While every modern logo is unique. Many of them share the use of typefaces and fonts that are sans serif and illustrations. Primary colors and minimal details create beautiful modern logos.

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The best modern logos are simple but powerful in their design and iconic symbology. They can appear elegant, and minimal or bold and forthright.  Talented logo designers use both white space and negative space to enhance the design in an uncluttered and clean manner. Modernism is trending for logo design in 2018.

Ss modern design takes a front seat in both art museums and marketing design it influenced these trends in logo design in 2018:

  1. Architectural inspiration – Utilize lines and shapes of iconic buildings and structures
  2. Energetic fun – no longer just for children, a playful attitude and bright colors work well in striking modern logos.
  3. Typography experiments – breaking out of the confines of text that runs from left to right modern logo designers have twisted the concepts and layouts to break out of space.
  4. Grid Inspired Logos – inspired by technology, logic and mathematics designers have used the grid to create contemporary and compelling logo designs.

Modern Logos – Minimal Logotypes

A logotype is a company name letter stylized into an uncluttered logo. Sometimes some simple graphic elements are added, but generally, it is just letter designs. These striking logo examples of minimalism powerfully communicate the brand messages.

This example is a recent logo contest winner at 99designs.com for an NYC apartment housing and real estate development company.

Requested in their logo brief was to incorporate the space of the R and capitalize the T.


real estate logos modern urban


Symbol Icons in Modernist Logos

another approach to a modern style logo is to utilize a common shape, such as a square or circle as part of the branding design. This is especially effective when the symbol communicates the companies services and products, such as the use of squares for building companies.

I like this example of a logo from 99designs for a beauty salon using a classic, yet modernized circle, in this minimalist logo design. The salon requested a clean, simple and sophisticated logo in navy blue.



modern logo for beauty salon clean and elegant


This startup company wanted a modern logo that communicated leading-edge technology and flight. I love the final look. How about you?

examples logos 99designs modern look


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