Best Social Media Branding Packages for Business

First Impressions Count – especially on social media in mere seconds!

graphics social media profiles logos matchingSince most of your customer’s very first impression of your company and product will be on social media it is vital that your brand message and visual identity coordinate across all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, to communicate the most powerful brand message and connect with your audience in seconds.

Social media marketing is done primarily visually, so your company pages and profile accounts need to visually sell your products, even before you begin posting.  

By getting your top social profile pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube cover images designed at the same time as your logo you are guaranteed to get the most powerfully branding graphics.

Logo and Social Media Designs from $399

Some of my small business clients have made the mistake of focusing all their attention, and budget on getting their logo and websites made while forgetting about their social media graphics.

Then, at the last minute, when they remember about social media, they throw together something or ask their assistant to make something on a free graphics program which turns out lackluster at best.

They lost the tremendous power of social media for brand building and customer acquisition because they failed to plan and get their social media done at the same time as their logo design. So instead of a strong coordinated advertising message on social media, they end up with a mismatched hodgepodge set of weak messages across the internet. BIG fail 🙁

To accomplish this you will need a great logo design that is then incorporated into your social media graphics, which all match and amplify your product benefits. I recommend ordering BOTH your logo design and your social media graphics at once with the special 99designs package deal of Logo Design and Social Media Designs.


Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Branding Graphic Package


Coordinated Look across Social Sites = Stronger Branding Message with Less Traffic/Visits

You can break through the “rule of seven”, which advertising studies have proven is the number of times a person needs to see your ad before responding, by making each viewing of your social media page work double to get people to buy sooner.

If one person sees your Facebook page and it coordinates with your Twitter page then those two viewings, which visually reinforce each other, works in the customer’s mind like four views by getting greater brand recognition.

Repetition is used in advertising to keep products at the forefront of consumer’s minds and build brand familiarity. Use this to your advantage on social media.


Professional Branded Image = Greater Customer Trust & Buying

By portraying a cohesive graphics look across all your social media sites makes your company look both professional and more trustworthy.  Customers are more likely to buy from trusted companies.

Additionally, well-designed social media pages and profiles create the impression that your firm is larger than it is, enabling you to compete with large companies for buyer’s loyalty and patronage.


package of graphics social media accounts facebook cover images


Correct Sizes and File Formats for Social Media = Quick to Install and Looks Great

Every social media site has different sizes and file formats required for the best look on all devices. Figuring out which sizes will work well can be complicated, overwhelming and a real time waster.

No worries when you order a 99designs logo and social media pack your files are delivered in the exact correct size, resolution and file format ready to upload to your social media account with just a few clicks. Now you can forget about those stretched out and blurry images that looked great on your computer, but not so good on the social media site.


Long-Term Usage = Save Time and Money Not Having to Change Facebook Cover Image Often

When you get your social media graphics designed along with your logo design you can use them for a long time since they are built on your core brand design. You will not need to change your profile images frequently for the seasons, promotions or sales.

This saves time, that you can better devote to building your social media following and converting them to customers.

social media graphics branding matched


Why 99designs Social Media Pack is Best for Business

I used 99designs to get a logo made for my new business and I love the design and enjoyed the process too! Read my review of 99designs and learn from my experience.

Here are the reasons why I recommend the Logo and Social Media Pack at 99designs to my small business clients:

  1. Costs Less – Save money by getting your logo and social media graphics designed simultaneously rather than as separate jobs.
  2. Saves Time – You get all your graphics work done at once saving weeks of time to get your product launched ASAP.
  3. Includes the Top Social Sites – In addition to a first class logo design, which you select from amongst dozens of logo ideas (in my case I got 100+ ) you get cover images for your pages on the top social media sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Also, you can add on to your order to get graphics for other social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Linkedin.
  4. Guaranteed to Love Your Look – Unlike other online graphics sites, 99designs gives a generous 100% money back guarantee, making launching a logo design contest risk-free.


Logo and Social Media Designs from $399

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