Delicious Business Ideas for Foodies

You love food.

Your passion is cooking and feeding people delicious food.

You’re wondering how you can turn your culinary talents into cash.

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Food-based businesses can be both profitable and creatively rewarding. Opening a local restaurant is only one of the many ways you can turn your food love into a full-time income. These business ideas all involve cooking and making a living from your love of food.

Food Lovers Business Ideas


Sell Baked Goodies

Love to bake? Yes, then this startup idea is perfect for you. Everything from breakfast muffins, doughnuts, bagels, biscuits, lunch sandwich bread, dinner rolls, coffee cakes, cookies snacks and elegant cakes could make you rich. Most successful baked goods companies specialize in one type of treats such as cookies or muffins. Additionally, you could focus your niche further by creating specialty items such as gluten-free, sugar-free or low-fat foods.

You do not need to own a bakery to sell your goods. Local cafés, restaurants, farmers markets stall owners, and gourmet markets would be good target customers. Also, you could sell your items online and ship them directly to your clients.
Be sure to check with your local health department for regulations in your area. Often you are required get your kitchen certified or to bake your goods in a certified kitchen, rented by the hour.


Specialty Foods

Do you make a signature dish that everybody raves about? Do people call you the Jelly Lady because of your awesome from jams or are you a chocolate artist, or a mustard maker? All of these types of gourmet items are in high demand and offer good profit margins. These types of items make great gifts and can be wholesaled to many types of gifts shops, fairs, festivals, events, specialty markets and online sites.


Catering Business

Catering the food for events is big business. Certainly, large events can be a lot of work and be overwhelming for the beginning entrepreneur. You could get started on a smaller scale by catering in your spare time for lesser, more manageable events. Niche catering, such as desserts only, chocolate, ethnic, gluten-free and heart-healthy, is a rapidly growing, and highly profitable market segment. You will need to assemble a team for the actual event day, but most of your work will be in preparation for the event.


Personal Chefs

Perhaps you enjoy a more intimate type of cooking. Becoming a personal chef could be the right option for you. Busy people, couples, and families often don’t have either the time nor talent to cook healthy meals regularly. Some personal chefs prepare many meals in advance, such as a weekend or weeks worth of food, that their clients can repeat and eat on their schedule. Another option can be to cook at the customers home in their kitchen. And yet another type of personal chef prepares the food in their kitchen, or facility, and delivers the prepared food to the customer. A smart marketing strategy is to specialize in particular types of foods such as allergy, doctor-prescribed or weight loss.

If you become a member of the trade association, American Personal & Private Chef Association website –, you can be listed on their website for potential customers to find you.


Teach Cooking

Another way to get your kitchen skills to pay is to teach others how to cook, bake or grill. There are many ways to be a cooking teacher such instructing students in your home kitchen, videotaping tutorials to show online and to be an instructor in a culinary.


Nutrition Coach

The demand for nutrition coaches is growing because more people are concerned with their well-being, and how food can support or negate their health. A nutrition coach designs an eating plan for individuals to help them with their goals in health and wellness. Some customers will have problems such as diabetes, food allergies, or weight problems. Others will want to follow a restricted diet such as begin or gluten-free. To be a coach, you do not need to be a registered dietitian; however, if you are you, you can command higher fees and will be viewed as more credible.

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