New Business Ideas for Women

Ladies, as a business woman and entrepreneur myself, I am glad to share these inspiring business ideas for your future success.

Women business owners are a growing trend that will continue well into 2017 and beyond. If you are a female business owner seriously consider getting your firm certified as a WOSB Women Owned Small Business to get greater access to federal government contract opportunities.

Here’s a list of ideas for businesses to start that are especially conducive to women’s skills and temperaments. Of course, every woman is different, and some ideas may appeal more than others.

1. Affiliate Marketing Online – this is a good idea for stay-at-home moms because there is no need to go to an office or store daily. The concept is to create a website or blog and promote other people’s products or services. You will get paid by a commission on each sale you generate. Here’s some good affiliate training for you to consider. I highly recommend it

2. Beauty Salon – Of course, this is the time-tested business model for women that enjoy styling hair and doing manicures and pedicures. You will need, to begin with, proper training and be licensed by your state. Nail art is a growing and very profitable trend in the hair salon industry you can capitalize upon in your new salon or day spa.

3. Bookkeeping – If you are good with numbers and detail oriented, this could be an excellent service for you to sell to existing companies. Every business, whether big or small needs business accounting help with such tasks as checking account reconciliation, tax filing forms, and payroll calculations. This business model is well-suited for home-based mothers because many companies have accounting systems, which can be accessed via the Internet from your home office.
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4. Pet sitting – If you love animals, this could be the perfect new business for you. It requires you to visit homes in your area and take care of dogs, cats, and other animals while their owners are away on vacation or business trips. Read more here about the Pet Sitting startup guides that I recommend here

5. Business Consulting – This type of business can be extremely lucrative, dependent upon your particular expertise and skills and local market. These days, many firms are outsourcing specific departmental needs such as marketing, accounting, and personnel human resources. It is also a good home-based business for would-be women entrepreneurs plus it is reasonably inexpensive to begin.

6. Business Writing – With the explosion of Internet websites and blogs there is now a huge need for creative writers and copywriters. Solopreneurs,  women who are their own bosses with no employees, are perfect for this business model. There are many online resources such as odesk that list writing jobs available for application online.

7. Event Planning- Do you throw the best parties in town and love to decorate for weddings and charity events?  Then becoming an event planner may be the right new business for you. Corporations, hotels, banquet halls and brides all need your services to plan and execute special events, charity galas, and weddings. Read more here about how to get information to start your profitable event planning business.

8. Start your clothing brand –  Have you always dreamed of starting your clothing line? Do you get lots of compliments on the creative outfits you wear? If so, keep reading because here is the information you will need to know about how to start a clothing line. Begin by getting expert knowledge about the clothing business from garment industry leaders in the form of written material.

9. Jewelry Designer –  Your artistic talents can be turned into cash by designing and selling your own line of jewelry. You can create either costume or fine jewelry dependent upon the materials used. Outlets for sales include craft shows, online sites such as opening an Etsy store and local boutique shops.

10.Fitness Coach – Personal trainers are in demand, especially for women of a certain age. You can do one-on-one training, either outside at your local track or indoors at the gym or fitness center.

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