CrowdSpring vs 99designs Logos: Review & Comparison

Best Crowdsourced logos are designed at  – 99designs I love my logo that was designed by 99designs!

logos by 99designs reviews
Today’s entrepreneurs are lucky to have many high-quality graphic design sites they can get a great logo designed for a good price.crowdspring-logos-designers

In the not so distant past, this entrepreneur had to spend thousands of dollars, and months of time to get a decent logo. The process of getting a new company logo designed was slow, not very efficient, and often frustrating – dealing with some temperamental and tardy artists.

What a pleasure my most recent logo design process was in comparison. I got my new logo designed at and loved the process, the price, and the end result. Read about my 99designs logo experience and full review, complete with a video series walkthrough from order to final logo files here

Thankfully the internet is a global marketplace where you can crowdsource your logo idea, and other graphics needs such as brochures, websites, book covers, product, packaging, T-shirts and more on our recommended logo design website

To get your logo designed via crowdsourcing is perfect for new entrepreneurs with limited budgets,  who want to get started now and get a great brand logo for their company.  Instead of working with a single artist, you work with many creative professionals, ie the crowd,  who submit logo design ideas for your review and acceptance of one as the winner of the logo design contest.

The reason that I recommend new companies use these types of crowdsource and graphic design contest logo design sites is the good combination of ease, convenience, and selection of designs.


Alternative logo design sites

Today I will compare the online crowdsource logo design sites CrowdSpring vs


First Impressions

My first impression of CrowdSpring was lackluster at best. I found their site navigation sort of confusing and some of the pages were inaccessible. I got suspicious if they are a design company who creates websites why is their site broken? Could have been an isolated technical error.

Another frustration was that they do not show very many actual logos that were designed at CrowdSpring. Plus you had to find any sample logos under a weirdly named button called Explore.  As a buyer, I want and need to see the kind of quality I can expect when I launch my own logo design contest. Being able to view results of past logo designs is critical when you are buying based on future expectations of service.

Some of the contests were marked private, so we the public could not view them at all!


Comparision of Sample Logos – CrowdSpring vs 99 Designs


Below are two screenshots to compare CrowdSpring vs 99Designs recent logos designs for law offices and legal services. You decide. I found the Crowd Spring ones boring and uninteresting, whereas the logos from 99designs were original and fresh.



examples of logos designed at crowd spring
CrowdSpring Logo Samples – Sort of Boring and Expected



compared logos 99designs legal offices
99designs logos – More varied, interesting and creative


Video Series: Come tag along as I purchase a new logo for this website. In this watch and learn video series 99 design review.


Logo Quality Comparisons

logos by 99designs reviews

CrowdSpring logo designs are amateurish and not very creative nor fresh. See the comparison below where some of the logos were winners from recent contests. The over reliance on text and stock imagery is hardly worth $299. If I was should this logos and asked the design price it would be about $49.

Compare the 99 designs logos, which are very professional, corporate level quality and specially designed for the real business world usage and are shown in various uses such as book covers, packaging labels, websites, and signage.






Attractive logo designs from 99designs

good logos for business



Compare Price

Pricing comparisons show that both sites CrowdSpring and 99designs are exactly the same price. However, the quality of 99designs is far superior. Plus you get many more logo submissions for your money. CrowdSpring says you will get dozens (24 or so) while 99designs says you will get at least 60 designs in the starter packages. I ordered the Bronze logo design package and got over 100 submissions!

Money Back Guarantees

Both websites offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your designs.  If you start by choosing the right firm, like I did when I ordered the new logo for this website – watch the video series of my step-by-step logo design order process at 99 designs, you will love your new look.

Customer Reviews:

My research online, on top review sites such as TrustPilot,  showed that more customers rated 99designs more positivity, more often than CrowdSpring


Site Comparision

Comparing the two websites shows that 99designs has worked hard to make the browsing, ordering, and selection of your final logo as easy as possible. Their clean open design is intuitive to use. I loved the features of Polling, which allowed me to send some of the final logos for consideration to my team and they can vote and comment.

The other site, CrowdSpring did not let me try the Logo Design Brief process before I entered my credit card – thus I did not know if I would like or be able to use their system. I do not like to buy services for hundreds of dollars without being sure beforehand.

One of the toughest things for business people to do when creating a new logo is to explain what they want. We have some vague ideas in our heads but find it hard to articulate them to a visual designer. Enter 99designs who know this and create a simple questionnaire that asks you easy to answer questions that pull my ideas out of my head to create a logo design brief that designers can understand and work from.


get a logo designed at 99



Another big plus of 99designs is there fun design brief process where you click color swatches and see actual designs to vote up or down. As a visual person, this made it so much easier to tell the designers my preferences. See this feature in action on this video

Video: Watch as I complete the design brief when I order the new site logo for this blog on 99designs.


My review of logo design guru vs 99designs concludes that 99designs are the winner for your logo design project.



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