Great Dental Logo Designs: Ideas & Inspiration - Smiles, Teeth, Tooth, Grin, Toothbrush

dental office logos bestAs a dentist or dental office, check out all the great design options for dental logos beyond just the tooth, or grinning smile, that every other dentist in town use in their logo. In fact, some of the best dentist logo ideas don’t have even a single tooth, much less a full set of teeth. great design options for dental logos beyond just the tooth that every other dentist in town use in their logo. In fact, some of the best dentist logo ideas don’t have even a single tooth, much less a full set of teeth.

Discover graphic design ideas and inspiration for Dental Offices

Sure you’ve seen the standard ideas such as smiles and cartoon characters holding toothbrushes, but you want to browse dental clinic logo samples to find a cool dental name and great logo.

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We’ve searched and found the best examples included sample logos designs for dental offices for your browsing pleasure for good ideas and inspiration. Plus we divided them into different types of dental practices such as pediatric dentists, general practice, orthodontist and dental implants.

All of these logos were created in a dental logo contest at 99designs, our recommended source for getting your best logo design at a good price.

Dental Logos Designs by Dentist Practice Speciality

General Dentistry Logo Samples

If you are a dentist running a general dental clinic your design options are greater. Below are logo examples both with a single tooth, set of teeth and smiles. All work well to communicate to your patients your professionalism, modern dental technology and clean office – all key points for dental patients to book appointments with you for their dental care.

Stand out from the competition by using quality design, at our recommended resource 99 designs for logo designs, as your competitive advantage.

Abstract, Graphic Modern Uses of Tooth in Logos for Dentists

dental office logos best

I like this logo because of the interesting way the artist used circles to expand the tooth into a graphic element. This design is so strong that it does not need color to be striking. The white logo on dark black background works well in website design and for social media.



This is another good example of a tooth made geometric and contemporary.  I love using graphic design contest like 99 designs because each designer has clever ways to interpret your logo ideas.   Using the single tooth they reimagine it as a shape and unleash their creativity to your dental practice’s benefit.

ideas for logo brand dentists

dental clinic logo anniversary 30 years


This special use logo, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dental office combines the tooth, a molar, into a badge like seal complete with the tagline slogan – A Modern Touch to Dentistry.  Good graphic design does not overly depend on color for impact. This logo design is so good it can have no color, just white and pack a marketing punch.

logo with tooth for doctors


Teeth and Tooth at Play – Fun design interpretation logos ideas

When I ordered my own logo from 99designs I was really impressed with the selection of ideas and how creative the designs for logos submitted in my design contest. Read about it here and see the videos with my 200+ logo submission received.

Here are some wild and especially effective logos with a tooth taken beyond the boring stock logos that the majority of dentists use.  Love the use of bright color, however, the design concept is so strong it does not need it, so this logo would well work in black and white also.



Orthodontics Logo Design Examples

This is a high-end, designer look logo for endodontics that really works well. The combination of the graphic styling of a tool, with the reflected water at the base for a geographic connection to the dental practice name – Canyon Creek is excellent. Expert tips for designing a great logo from graphic artists


ideas orthodontics designs logo

Pediatric Dentist Logo Samples

Examples of logo designs for pediatric dental offices that appeal to children and kids.

The use of cartoon illustrations of happy smiling animals and bright colors will attract patients to your dental clinic.
These designs communicate that visit to your children’s dental group will be fun and pleasurable.

clinic dental logo


These logo designs incorporate the words kids, pediatric and children into the name of the dental practice.

samples and examples of logos for dental clinics


cool dental logos

Best Dental Logos by Graphic Design Category

Here is a gallery of logo samples, all of them created in crowdsourced design contest at 99designs to show you the wide range of looks you get when you start a design contest.

The best logos that use a tooth as their main graphic element incorporate other items such as text, interesting fonts, and geographic references.  The tooth can be the starting point of a great logo but it does not need to stand alone.  Many of the top logos use negative space and the lines of the tooth to merely suggest the tooth and they build great graphics communicating logos.

Your dental clinic logo is very important to your practice’s success. Think of it as the “face” of your dental office. It is often the first thing your patient will see about your office. It needs to make a good first impression and attract patients. It is the foundation of establishing your brand in your marketplace and geographic location. Its design will be the inspiration point for designing your other marketing materials, business cards, brochures, and website.

A good logo, like these which were all done by the best logo design contest, sites set the tone for your brand guide. This is a cohesive design strategy that includes design elements, graphics, color palette, font choices and photography styles to build the strongest brand marketing message for your dental practice to succeed.

Once you select your winning logo design in the contest you can get a full branding package that includes variations of your logo, color details and Pantone color #’s, hexadecimal color codes for your web design use and the exact font names.

Abstract and Modern Dental Logos


modern dental logo tooth and heart

contemporary dentist logo with tooth



Tooth and Logos with Teeth

tooth logos dentist with name of clinic


Hope I have inspired you to go beyond the tooth for your dental logo and check out 99 designs for great logos for dentists.


Geometric Tooth Styles

tooth in designs styled logo dental practice


Fun Happy Teeth



Tooth Plus With Lettering Font Combinations of Graphics and Text



Hope I have inspired you to go beyond the tooth for your dental logo and check out 99 designs for great logos for dentists.



Dental Logos with Toothbrushes




Hope I have inspired you to go beyond the tooth for your dental logo and check out 99 designs for great logos for dentists.


dental logo

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