Earn Passive Income: Key to Wealth Building

Everybody wants to start a business and make money online while they are sleeping, or doing something else they enjoy! Passive Income comes in in many forms such as rental property income, limited partnerships, e-commerce stores, investment dividends, and royalties. Here we have researched the best ways to make money online passively.

Earning Money Passively – Key to Wealth Building

To build real wealth, both financially and rich in desirable lifestyle factors, like time and freedom, generating passive income is a major component. You and all humans only have 24 hours in one day so maximizing this valuable resource is crucial. Once implemented, good passive income streams will automatically make money for you and your family.

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Passive income is not easy money. Yes, it will be automatic at some point, but only after a lot of hard work and time for its creation and implementation. Also, great amounts of learning, training, and research are involved in setting up sources of passive income.

Passive Income is

  • Planning Intensive
  • Very hard work for entrepreneurs to build systems and strategies
  • Takes time and requires robust skill sets

The internet and technology make passive income more doable than ever. You can reach the globe from your living room. Now is the time to build our passive income portfolio. After the initial effort and time to make your company, recurring earnings are made without active effort on your part.

Best Ways to make Passive Income

App Building

Low-cost apps, like 99 cents, are a powerful way to generate recurring revenue from in-app ads and additional purchases. A unique idea is all you need to get started. Use a DIY app builder, no need to know how to code, such as https://buildfire.com/ and http://www.como.com/


Drop Ship E-commerce Stores

This business model is one of creating an online store selling products, which an outside vendor ships directly to your customer when they purchase. This is easy to launch because it removes the capital investment obstacle of inventory purchase from the startup founder. Start with our recommended e-commerce software Shopify to build your online store. Your profit is the difference between what your customer pays and the vendor charges you.


Consulting – Business and Technology

During your career, you have gained valuable skills that companies, across the world, are willing to buy. Use your nights and weekends to boost your income with side gigs that are in high demand such as social media management, blogging writing, and graphic design. Be amazed at how much you can make in your part-time business. Review of 99designs


Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

There are over 150 million blogs on the internet about every subject imaginable  – from antiques to zoology.  Your passions and hobbies could become blogs. The many ways to monetize, make money, from your blog include advertising, affiliate commissions, product sales and eBooks or courses.


Online Selling –  Used Items and Handmade Crafts

Ebay, become the worldwide phenomena, by bringing the neighborhood yard sale to the internet. Daily collectors are scouring the web to find that unique item to add to their collection. In addition to eBay, Amazon.com and Craigslist can be your profit centers to sell your, and others, unwanted items. Another lucrative income source is selling handmade crafted items on a site such as Etsy. If you are creative and enjoy producing beautiful items, this would be the perfect business startup idea for you.

YouTube Videos

YouTube has almost surpassed commercial TV channels in viewership.  You can film videos and build your channel for free!  When your videos are watched, you get a share of the ad revenue.

Stock Photography

If you love to take photographs and are good at it, you can make money selling your images to stock photo libraries. Sites such as Shutterstock and Istock photos both have easy to use platforms for photographers to sell usage of their photos and earn money passively.  Since photos are a digital resource, one image can be sold many times earning substantial commissions.

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