Best Email Signatures for Entrepreneurs

Best Email Signatures Best Practices

Today, the majority of business correspondence hyperlinks via email. Where in the past generation, it was letters – which we now call the funny term “snail mail” does it take so long to get recipients. Your business colleagues, customers, and prospects will all be reading your email signature and form an impression of you and your firm. So you want to make sure that is professional contains the proper information, is readable and engaging.  Let’s start with the basics, what exactly is an email signature. It is more as a SIGNATURE BLOCK because it is a block of text, images and hyper links which are incorporated at the bottom of emails you send.

A good the email signature should include the following:

Your full name – make this first so the email recipient can clearly see who is sending them this email.
Your company – this can be either in text or as an image such as your logo or your bio photograph
Your telephone numbers – you can include a few phone numbers such as your primary phone number and cell phone
Your Email address -many people forget this essential element because they assume that the individual will just reply and thus already have their email. However, often people print out emails and may later want to refer to them for your email address.
Promotional text – this can be anything from an original wording of your businesses benefits, your company tagline, slogan, or a call to action such as Read my New Book with a hyperlink to your books page on
 Social icons – some people like to include links to their social profiles so that prospective customers can learn more about them. Add small icon images that link to your social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google plus.

Here are a few examples of good email signatures as described above.



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