FAQ: Franchising is it Right for Your New Business?

faq-franchisingAlmost everyone has considered starting their own business at one time or another. Most of these people have pondered going the franchising route to riches. Franchises are often a local branch of a national company that you purchase the right and technology to open in your market.
Today there are thousands of franchise opportunities, in almost all industries and niches from acupuncture to zoos. Since there are so many choices of franchises; it can become very overwhelming for people to select the right company. This book How to Succeed in Franchising, written by franchising authority Mark Laughlin, shares his decades of knowledge and experience about this business model, specifically speaking to the person who is exploring this arena of activity.
The book is crammed full of really useful counsel, like a one-on-one session with your personal franchise coach. Answers to your questions about important subjects including self-review, finances, how to pick and apply to a good franchise are discussed in depth. How to get your new company set up and prospering is also covered in depth in this helpful book.

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