FAQ QuickBooks Online: 58 Questions Answered

You have questions about Quickbooks Online. Your answers are here. The 58 most frequently asked questions about QB Online:

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    1. Can Quickbooks online do job costing? Yes and no. Officially, The books do not have a particular job costing feature. However, this versatile software can be used to create job costing estimates. Here’s a helpful article which shows a way to use the sub customer option for estimating jobs
    2. Can it import IIF files? Yes. Indeed, it is possible to import data in the IIF format directly into QuickBooks online. This method best for businesses who had used the desktop version of QuickBooks and now want to move the data into QB online. Here are the steps to accomplish the importing of IIF data files. 
    3. Can Quickbooks online be backed up? Backing up your data is not necessary. The software manufacturer does this as part of your subscription. You can purchase additional protection, the Intuit Data Protect, as a safety precaution. This product will also allow you to have other file types, backed up to the cloud automatically on a daily basis.
    4. Can it be used for multiple businesses? In fact, that is one of the benefits of using the internet system. Having multiple companies in one account, you can quickly switch from one to the other while doing your routine bookkeeping.
    5. Can Quickbooks track inventory? Yes. Inventory management is built into the software so it can track quantities, sales, COG cost of goods for your entire inventory
    6. Can Quickbooks online do inventory? Yes. Regular inventory reconciliation is a part of the inventory module. So when you do inventory, and your quantity differs from the system information you adjust it inside the software program.
    7. Can Quickbooks Online be used offline? No. .Unfortunately, you must be connected to the Internet to use it. This precaution was specifically designed to protect your data which is safer on the software, servers
    8. Can Quickbooks online sync with the desktop version? No, QB Online is a different version of the QuickBooks program than the desktop. You can only connect to it on the internet or with your mobile device using the app.
    9. Can the Quickbooks online be converted to QB desktop? Yes. If you want to move from the Online to the Desktop version of QuickBooks you can export the entire company file (QBOE) from QuickBooks Online. Then you will import the data into a NEW company in the desktop software. However, note that some, such as memorized transactions, will not be converted into the desktop version of QuickBooks.
    10. Can the software do class tracking? Yes, this is one of the best features of this software. It is useful for internal monitoring of sales and expenses by different departments.
    11. When did QBO Intuit Online launch? Intuit developed QuickBooks following the success of the software Quicken in 1983. In 2013 company founders announced the launch.
    12. Does the online version do payroll? Yes, the Quickbooks Payroll Online version does. Not only does it calculate payroll you can add payroll services from Intuit that will handle all distribution, checks and direct deposits plus automatic payroll tax calculations.
    13. Does the system online do budgets? Yes, in fact, has a robust budgeting module. You can create budgets with classes, locations, customers to any combination. Budgets are an excellent planning and forecasting tool for your small business.
    14. Does QuickBooks Online do 1099s? Yes. As you know, any vendor that you have paid more than $600 to in the fiscal year will need to be mailed a 1099 form. Since all your records are in the cloud, you can generate your 1099 forms online and print on your office printer.
    15. Does the program online do sales orders? No, however, you do not need because you can use the preinstalled Estimates and Purchase Orders functions.
    16. Does Quickbooks Online do purchase orders? Yes, but you need to turn it on by enabling it. By creating purchase orders for your vendors, you can then check in merchandise when it arrives and compare to your original purchase order.
    17. Does the system do time tracking? Yes, specifically because it is on the internet it makes time tracking exceptionally easy. It directly integrates with the invoicing process so that billable activities are directly added to customer invoices.
    18. Does it do progress invoicing? Yes, by using the Estimate as the basis for the customer invoice. The software will track the amount invoiced and the amount to be invoiced as you proceed.
    19. How to do Quickbooks online? This is one of the most user-friendly software products on the market today. To learn about it, there are many options built into the Help menu, such as knowledge guides, videos, and community answers.
    20. Does QuickBooks online work with Mac? Yes. Intuit has built a particular app for Mac users to allow you to work across all your devices and use the Mac shortcuts too.
    21. Does it have memorized transactions? Yes. This is one of my favorite features since it saves so much time in data entry. Additionally, it reduces mistakes that can occur with typos.
    22. Does it have bill pay? Yes. They use the industry standard ACH – Automated Clearing House to transfer funds from your bank directly to the payee of your bill.
    23. How does Quickbooks Online work?  When using the software, you are logging into servers that are run by Intuit. The software resides in the cloud along with your company data.
    24. How are QuickBooks Online reviews? It is highly recommended by us and many other reputable software review firms. Read more here
    25. How much does it cost? The purchase process is different from the desktop version that you buy one time. Instead, you will subscribe and pay a monthly fee for access to the QuickBooks software, as of 1/17/17 costs $26.95 per month. Compare that to the price of buying the software in disc form costing $300.
    26. How to use it? You can learn how to use it by watching one of these in-depth video tutorials  http://quickbooks.intuit.com/tutorials/
    27. How to learn QuickBooks Online? Intuit has a training school called Quickbooks University. The array of courses include the basics such as accepting payments and paying employees and more advanced topics like Manufacturing business and others.
    28. How to cancel it online? This is done by logging into your account. Then click the Cancel My Subscription button. Remember to backup and export all your data and print out all reports to hard copies.  You cannot cancel subscriptions via the mobile app at this time.
    29. how to learn Quickbooks for free? Intuit is generous with their training and offers many free tutorials here http://quickbooks.intuit.com/tutorials/all-quickbooks-tutorials/
    30. How to backup QuickBooks Online? The easiest and best way to backup your data is to purchase the add-on service called Online Backup Service Plan.
    31. Is the system down? Intuit is used by millions of customers and is rarely down. However, sometimes the server does go down. You can check if it is down on this site http://downdetector.com/status/quickbooks-intuit
    32. Is QBO safe? Yes. Cloud computing has stringent security protocols in place to protect your data and privacy.
    33. Is QuickBooks Online accountant free? Yes. This state of the art software allows accountants to access customer data remotely. This saves both time and money. Sign up free here https://quickbooks.intuit.com/accountants/quickbooks-accountant/
    34. Is quickbooks online good? Yes is rated five stars by top review sites. Also, retailers endorse the Quickbooks POS app.
    35. Is it online free? No, the software is purchased by a monthly subscription service that is as of this writing just about $26.o0.
    36. Is the software good for contractors? Yes, it is specifically designed for building contractors. The software allows you to easily deduct mileage and get every tax deduction so you will be ready for tax season. You can purchase special Quickbooks checks.
    37. Is it slow? No, but it can seem like it sometimes. If you experience slow performance check the speed of your internet connection and computer processor speed. To make it run faster close other browser tabs and update your browser software to the newest version. Then go to your Intuit online sign in.
    38. Should I get the online or desktop version? Most software experts are recommending QuickBooks Online, and I concur. Instead of one place to do your accounting tasks, you can now use your phone to file receipts, your laptop to reconcile checking accounts and your accountant can access your records upon your approval. The internet version much more convenient for a busy professional such as yourself.
    39. Should I use QuickBooks Online? Yes,  all small business owners need to maximize their time and resources. The ability to allow your accountant to perform bookkeeping is convenient and a huge time saver.
    40. Should I buy this? Yes, for the real-time reporting data. Once when you enter information into the system, you are shown your account balances and can print live data reports at any time. Check out the Quickbooks self-employed version.
    41. Should I switch to this software? Most experts would say yes, due to highlights such as automatic backup protection of your company data and free tech support.
    42. Should I upgrade to QuickBooks online? Yes, and it is manageable to transfer Quickbooks desktop to the online version with exporting and importing of files.
    43. Should I change to this system? Yes, if you are a mobile executive and have staff at different locations than can all access the software via the cloud.
    44. Should I convert to QBO online? Yes, to save money and time with memorized transactions, time tracking, automatic bank transaction integration.
    45. Should I move to the online versions? Yes, to avoid having to repurchase software and upgrade your desktop computer. Your monthly subscription is of the latest software version assuring the best functions and user experiences.
    46. What is QuickBooks online plus? The upgraded version that includes many helpful features such as automatic customer billing, schedule payments, user controls, purchase orders, track inventory and print and prepares 1099s.
    47. what is QuickBooks Online accountant? The software tool that allows accountants to access your company data.
    48. What is QB online banking? The integration and connection of your bank account to your QB account to set up for Account Online Services. Your bank transactions will be automatically updated inside of your dashboard.
    49. What is QB online backup? This is an additional security measure that will regularly backup your company financial data and files. This protects you and your firm from loss, file corruption and breakage.
    50. What is QuickBooks online payroll? This is a service that Intuit offers to help you pay your employees, track taxes and reports.
    51. Where to learn about it online? A good place to find out how to use this program is from a class at a respected education site such as Lynda 
    52. Where to reconcile accounts? To reconcile your account, first, go to the bank accounts register, then click the RECONCILE button.
    53. Which version of Online do I need?  – Compare the different version and options here
    54. Which are better online, or desktop? – Online is markedly better because it makes many of the daily accounting tasks easier with automatic processes.
    55.  Why switch to online? Here are a few of the best reasons; access it on your mobile phone, pull in data from both bank and credit cards and work with your accountant remotely.
    56. Will this work on my ipad? Yes, if you use the free app called Connect.
    57. Why does it not load? This rarely happens, but if it happens to you log out of your account. Close up the browser program – all tabs. Then open a new browser window and try logging in. Usually, that fixes the problem.
    58. My reports will not print? Again, this is an uncommon problem. Try using a different browser, particularly if you are using Chrome or Firefox because their PDF viewer could be interfering with your print function. Also, you need to have Adobe Reader, or Adobe Acrobat installed on your system to print.

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