Best Fashion Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2017

You love fashion.

You’re a fashionista.

You follow designers the way that some people follow sports teams.

Use your love of clothing to start the business of your dreams.

Yes, the garment industry is very competitive, but so is every profitable business trade. Also, there are many entrepreneurial opportunities available beyond the obvious ones of the designer or model. 

How to start online clothing store

Industry Statistics

The clothing and textile industry is one of the most robust and fastest-growing in the world. In 2010 the industry reached $2,560 trillion, yes that’s trillion, with sales of clothing, textiles, footwear and luxury goods.  One of the fastest-growing segments is the children’s clothing market, which has increased 15% over the last five years to over $186 billion in size. Other trending industry sections are bridal wear and menswear. Experts estimate that American families spend an average of over $2,000 per year on apparel and fashion-related items.

 Every day I get asked,  “How I can start my own fashion line business”? 

Entrepreneur Success Stories

To inspire you to take action and make your entrepreneurial dream a reality, here is an online fashion start-up success stories:

Black Milk Clothing – Started in an Australian kitchen in 2009  selling their first leggings for $10, which has now grown into a multi-million dollar company with 150 employees and sales worldwide. This company began as a blog named – Too Many Tights.  The addition of an e-commerce store allowed them to sell their custom created clothing to their established audience. They innovated in the fashion market by creating “crazy leggings” such as muscle leggings that were huge hit a They use the power of social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to build sales on their Shopify online store


The Best Fashion Startup Ideas for 2017


Women’s Apparel Fashion Designer

Menswear Designers

Children’s Clothing Designer

Bridal Wedding Dress Designer

Fashion Illustrator

Magazine Publisher

Video Channel – Style Tutorials

Fashion TV Show

Fashion Writer

Pattern Maker

Custom made clothing

Fashion Photography


Fashion Consultation Business

Event Producer – Runway Shows

Business Coach

Photo Stylist

Personal Stylist

Wardrobe Consultant – Organization

Public Relations Representative – Fashion Brands

Modeling Agency

Import and Export Clothing Brands

Fashion Modeling

Image consultant

Alterations and Repair

Bathing suit designer

Maternity designer

Sports Performance wear designer

Shoe designer

Sneaker Designer

Accessories and scarves

Handbags and Purses Creator

Jewelry designer – fine and costume

Hair accessories

Ethnic and Native Outfits

Window Display and Merchandiser

Western and Equestrian Wear


Evening wear

Design school


Retail Brick and Mortar Stores

Fashion Boutique

Lingerie Shop

Menswear Store

Children’s clothing store

Baby Store

Consignment Store

Thrift Shop

Vintage Clothing

Costume Shop

Plus size clothing store

Petite Women Store

Big and Tall Men’s Shops


Online Fashion Businesses

Fashion blogger

Writer on Fashions

E-Commerce Store

Online consignment store


Let your love of fashion be your livelihood. There are tons of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to succeed in the fashion industry.


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