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Entrepreneurs, are you ready to start a business and need an LLC, DBA or INC? Thinking about using Legalzoom.com the online legal services site?

referral Code for Legalzoom.comI know, that it is hard to turn your great new business idea into a thriving business. The first step to starting your business is the legal stuff, which means setting up a business formation – LLC, DBA or INC.

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Perhaps you have attempted to do it yourself on your own state’s website and found it confusing and frustrating. Now you are, rightly so, considering your options for legal services for business setup.

This review of Legalzoom will be as fair, and objective as possible. I am specifically reviewing these legal services of an entrepreneur starting a new company in mind.

As both a small business expert and successful entrepreneur, I have spent hundreds of hours researching, reading user reviews and evaluating the small business legal services offered by Legalzoom.com.

Read my comprehensive review below and learn how to start your business legally and affordable.  Additionally,  Legal zoom offers other legal services for small business owners such as trademark searches, copyrights, patents, legal document review (contracts & leasespower of attorney, wills and living trusts.

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History Background

In 1999, Legalzoom was founded on the principle of making legal advice affordable for everyone not just the rich. The founder’s vision combined with the growth of the internet, which allowed them to reduce costs but not quality, started a revolution in legal services.  By 2015 they have helped 0ver 3.5 million people with their legal services, never compromising quality nor professionalism.

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Customer Reviews

The business owners we surveyed liked how easily they had access to legal professions at Legalzoom.  So whenever the need for an attorney came up, they could easily ask legal questions, get advice on their particular business issue or have a highly trained attorney review legal documents such as contracts and leases. One call or email to LegalZoom and they got legal advice and assistance.

 From an LLC – The easiest, most flexible way to launch your business.

Using Legalzoom professionals to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) will protect your family’s personal assets, such as your home, savings accounts and retirement investments from your business debts and liabilities. Also, unlike some forms of corporations, LLC’s are usually more flexible to allow Entrepreneurs, like you, greater freedom to run your business your way. That’s why you launched your own firm, right? -to manage your firm the way you want. Get started with LLC formation for 10% less use legalzoom referral code BEST4B

A million LLC Formations

Over 2 million small businesses have used LegalZoom to form their LLC and launch their own company. To me, that speaks volumes to their professionalism and expertise.

4.6 Stars Customer Reviews

A whopping number of customers reviews 15,162, that are all verified top review sites, earned almost 5 stars! That is quite a feat satisfying tens of thousands of customers in the complex process of setting up an LLC proves the quality of Legalzoom legal services. Over 10,000 customers gave 5 stars!

Legalzoom reviews 4.5 for Value, 4.7 for Fits My Needs and 4.6 for Customer Service. Reviews are tagged with – Verified Purchasers and Experienced Business Owner, so you can trust that these reviews are authentic and meaningful for you to use in your buying decision.

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customer reviews of legal zoom

Customer Support for a  Lifetime

Many customers reviews mentioned the positive experience of lifetime customer support that LegalZoom offers all customers of LLC formation.

Best Attorneys & Latest State Legal Regulations

The best attorneys work with LegalZoom to prepare and submit your legal documents in accordance with the current legal regulations in your state.


BBB – Better Business Bureau

BBB Reviews of legalzoomLegalzoom is rated A+ by the BBB Rating System. This trusted system is a measured approach to balance the overall businesses quality.  The rating is based on 13 factors such as complaint volume, unanswered complaints, unresolved complaints and complaint resolutions.  Read more about BBB ratings

Some recent reviews voted as helpful:

“I was filing my dissolution of my business thru legalzoom, can’t more than happy with the service. In my experience they are very communicative, fast service & reasonable price for the service I have used. The team called to correct the mistake I’ve made and all updates notified via emails & calls. Time lapse for the service I have requested 2 weeks.”  -Jerry N, BBB Verified Reviewer

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“Working with LegalZoom was an extremely pleasurable experience. It was nearly flawless; the sole mistake that was made was of my own fault. And LegalZoom not only fixed the problem but taught me a learned lesson in the process. The $$$$$ paid for their services was far beyond a bargain, as I had absolutely no idea of what to do or where to start to have a book copyrighted. I was originally promised that I would not receive said copyright for 6-8 months after applying [with them] back in mid-December of 2015. Well, today is April 28th, 2016 and guess what came in the mail this morning? The copyright to my book. I will ALWAYS work with LegalZoom whenever the scenario allows. They are a professional, intelligent, ethical and all-around great group of people to work with and to have them in your corner supporting you is a blessing. KUDOS to you, LegalZoom and please keep up the excellent work. If only all companies were as good as you, how much better off the world would be. Sincerely, A. Satisfied Customer” – Christopher W, BBB Verified Reviewer


save 10% promo code BEST4BThe popular review site Yelp.com has 45 total reviews – 37 shown and 19 not shown and “not recommended” by Yelp. Yes, there are some negative reviews, which pulled down their total score. However, after reading them I determined that they all seem like special individual cases that went wrong.  People who posted negative reviews blamed the company for rejecting incomplete applications and documents, instead of understanding that legally they cannot accept paperwork that is not properly completed.

One of the most recent reviews shows an example of how hard LegalZoom is working to improve their customer service. Ted P, from Pawtucket Rhode Island, initially gave an only 1-star review about a mix up of mailing addresses that caused him problems. On the very same day, LegalZoom contacted Ted and gave him a specialist to work out the situation. Great results. Within 3 days LegalZoom help department worked out such an excellent solution that Ted came back on Yelp and updated his review to a full 4-stars!  As Ted said “While I still have some legwork on my end, I am very happy with how they handled the situation and actually would now use Legalzoom again”

Another recent review of Legalzoom published on Yelp, by Matthew C, of Brownsville Texas,  states “I am a little surprised to see many bad experiences with Legal Zoom. With the exception of some necessary name changes (I chose a name that was too similar to that of another entity, and then again with 2nd name, finally 3rd time was a charm), so that had nothing to do with LZ whatsoever. Other than that our paperwork was filed within like 2 days or so. Communication was annoyingly good.”

Internet Top Review Sites – Independent User Reviews

I read all the top review sites to get an overall view of customer reviews for legal services sold by Legalzoom. Over 75% gave above average ratings.  Most sites determined that Legalzoom is both legit and worth it. Reviewers cited the ease of use, reliable service record, live human telephone customer service and generous return policy.

The trusted site consumer affairs rated them 3.0 stars out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction rating.  Top review site Sitejabber lists 633 reviews for an average star rating 3.4.  Excerpts of recent positive reviews, “Great customer service for the uninformed. From lawyers on call, to tax specialists, to great customer service just to put your mind at ease you can’t go wrong they have you covered!”

The trusted site FreeAdvice Legal, ran a test and purchased a will on Legalzoom.com, wrote a review and rated it 3.5 stars. The reviewer found the process easy and straightforward. Overall the review was positive and included advantages of Legalzoom as a well-run service, very good value and customer service readily available.

Reputable small business site – FitSmallBusiness.com has compiled 20 customer reviews of legal services purchased on Legalzoom.com. The most helpful positive user review says, “The co-owners did all of the filings for our LLC, without help. Legalzoom has simple online questionnaires that fill in the forms needed to submit the LLC. They handled all the paperwork and filing for the LLC and EIN.”  The most helpful negative user review said, “The Federal Govt denied my application, Legalzoom would not assist”.  NOTE – While I understand the person’s  disappointment with application denial the preparer Legalzoom cannot guarantee Trademarket and Patent Office approval.

Authority review site Top Ten Reviews gives the company high ratings. The legal plan package  – Business Advantage Pro – is recommended because of the value of included features such as; affordable online legal services, legal consultation on demand, document preparation services, network of attorneys, discounted hourly rates for expanded legal services and unlimited access to Legalzoom legal form library.


legalzoom reviews BBB

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Our researchers discovered some interesting similarities in Legalzoom’s negative reviews and complaints.

  1. Entry level packages – Most complaints were purchasing the $159 starter package of incorporation. This indicates they were only beginners in business.
  2. Unrealistic Expectations – Some complaints were from people who expected that they did not need to do anything for their own incorporation. Of course, this is untrue. You will need to compile and check all required documentation for proper filing of your business incorporation. Legalzoom cannot do that for you.
  3. Inexperienced Buyers – Reviewers were first-time purchasers of legal services and did not understand how the process works. One woman from California got mad because she wanted to cancel the incorporation from a year prior! Even Legalzoom cannot turn back the hands of time
  4. Ignorant of the Law – Another issue that came up was when buyers asked Legalzoom to do things that were illegal, such as submit applications without all the required documents and things of this nature. Of course, Legalzoom would not comply with these requests, as they should not, but ended up with negative reviews as a result.


Check the availability of a name, slogan or symbol you want to trademark with our trademark search on LegalZoom.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I trust the community at Quora, which is comprised of independent, uncompensated individuals sharing their experience.  Here are the compiled results of these questions answered, and upvoted by users, on Quora.com:

  • Is Legalzoom worth it? Yes since it costs less than half the cost of hiring a local attorney or doing the filings yourself. You save time and money and avoid making costly mistakes. Margaret Weiss – 4 upvotes
  •  What do you think of Legalzoom compared to other similar services? “Legalzoom is an excellent service for those who have simple and straightforward legal needs.  If you are comparing Legalzoom to RocketLawyer, for example, the two are almost the same in price, service, support, etc. Most of the other services on the market operate the same way, they just do not have as big of a market share as LZ and RL” – James Gallagher – 2 upvotes

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Is Legalzoom Legitimate?

review of legalzoom servicesI searched the internet to find any fraud claims, lawsuits or warning about legalzoom and found none. It was interesting that many trusted independent review sites, started out wanting to give a negative review, up upon after purchasing services from legalzoom they ended up publishing a positive review and were impressed with the quality of legal services at prices affordable to entrepreneurs and startups.

Deemed legitimate by confirming of performing the work contracted and delivering as promised is true.


Can I do it myself form an LLC?

Perhaps, if you are a DIY sort of person who has lots of time and is willing to learn the process. Start by reviewing the instructions for your specific state.  I love business but hate filling out forms, so I would recommend you spend a small amount of money and have Legalzoom do it for you correctly and quickly.


Any hidden fees I need to be aware of?

No. They are an honest company and there should be no extra charges IF you take your time and complete the forms carefully. Watch out for the checkboxes and be sure you are ordering what you intend.


Is there support ongoing?

YES. I love that they are available to answer your questions even a year after your LLC purchase!


What is the Legalzoom Refund Policies?

There offer a Satisfaction Guarantee to be certain that you are satisfied with their services and support. You must contact them immediately and they will fix the situation to the best of their ability, or give you a refund or credit for your future orders at Legalzoom.com.

LegalZoom Satisfaction Guarantee Details:

If you’re not satisfied, simply call us toll-free at (800) 773-0888 during our normal business hours. All requests made under this guarantee must be made within 60 days of purchase. We will process your request within 5 business days after we’ve received all of the documents and materials sent to you. Unfortunately, we can’t refund or credit any money paid to government entities, such as filing fees or taxes, or to other third parties with a role in processing your order. We also cannot refund any money paid by you directly to third parties, such as payments made by you directly to attorneys affiliated with our legal plans or attorney-assisted products.


Is the LLC services easy to use?

Fairly easy for most people. The website has been specially designed to be easy for the average web user. The site legalzoom.com has been rated 4/5 for ease of use and user-friendliness.  However, sometimes we all need extra help or have questions for those times there is the toll-free customer care support number (866) 679-2103.

Alternatives and Comparisons of Competitors

Legalzoom vs incfile

Perhaps you want to compare online legal services such as Legalzoom vs incfile to make your buying decision.

Both Have:

  1. Quick legal services that are free from risk – backed by money back guarantee
  2. One on one customer service and well-trained support staff
  3. Serve all size businesses large and small
  4. Legal advice is given and question asked by knowledgeable personnel
  5. Affordable pricing and much cheaper than using a traditional local lawyer

Legalzoom Has:

  • Customized agreements and contracts written for your business unique needs. Every business is different and the details can be very important. You want to take the time and invest in your business for it to get started right.

Incfile Has:

  • Low price starter kit at a lower price than Legalzoom. This would be a good choice for a simple incorporation for a budget-minded entrepreneur.  Don’t expect or take any legal advice given since this service is mainly a document preparation business and not a full-fledged law firm.

Legalzoom vs Incfile Review and Comparision of Legal Services

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Legalzoom vs Nolo.com – Self Service, DIY Legal Forms vs Legal Services Online

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Legalzoom vs LegalShield – Review of Legal Shield services for legal issues


Free Legal Help Services

If you are unable to pay, even for inexpensive legal services you do have some options to get attorney legal services.

      • Local Legal Aid Office – The Legal Aid Society was founded as a not-for-profit organization to provide free legal services for clients who cannot pay for attorney legal services. You need to find your closest local office to help you.  Most legal services are focused on criminal, civil and juvenile rights.
      • Pro Bono Legal Services – The United States Department of Justice publish this list, by state of Pro Bono Legal Service Providers
      • Legal Questions Answered Free Online – Here are a few online sites where you can ask legal questions for free online and get answers from legal experts. Questions and answers are divided into sections by practice areas such as bankruptcy, criminal law, divorce, real estate law and traffic tickets.





Recommended Legal Services offered by Legalzoom:

LLC Formation

Incorporation – S corp or C corp

Living Trusts


Power of Attorney


Last Wills and Testament


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After extensive investigation and analysis, detailed in this article, we recommend Legal zoom.  Legalzoom site has earned our seal of approval due to its positive balance of price, quality of lawyers, selection of legal services and long-standing good reputation over 15 years.

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Lots of people come to this page looking for the below, and I hope that I’ve helped you and given valuable business advice and a promo referral codes for 10% discount too.




We are glad to help you on the way to your entrepreneurial success with this legalzoom review with promo codes 2018 =BEST4B (get 10% of ALL products) Save hundreds of dollars on your LLC formation or business incorporation.


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