How to Backup Quickbooks Online

Usually, I like to start articles with a funny story, but this one is a true and decidedly not funny story.  It is about the time I did not back up my financial data and my desktop computer suddenly crashed.  My office system was humming happily and all was working fine – until the computer screen went black. No warning, no noise, and the worst part – NO BACKUP. Yikes! You see backing up was something I was always “going to do”. So of course, it never got done and I was lost for weeks. I did not know which customers had paid, what bills I needed to pay and the bank account balances. I swore that day I would never be caught without a solid backup again. Sadly, you too may have learned this vital lesson that hard way like I did. Here is step by step instruction on how to backup Quickbooks Online to your desktop, local drive, flash drive or Jobber Safety Net.

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Top Ten Reasons for Data Backups

  1. Computer Crashes
  2. Virus Computer Infection
  3. Malware Computers
  4. Hard drive failure
  5. Theft Hardware
  6. File Theft
  7. Fire and Smoke
  8. Water damage
  9. Software corruption
  10. Data Errors



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