How to Get a Website Name

web-namesWhile everyone is talking about how to build a website, do you just want to know the basics like exactly “How Can I Get a Name for My Website”?  Yes, that is the most important question, and often one that gets overlooked while focusing on the design and coding aspects of site development.

A “website name” is referred to as a Domain Name in the industry.  To get your name you first need to check if it is available, as many names are not available for a variety of reasons such as another company purchased earlier – often they are from other countries and industries.


Start here by searching for the name you want for your website 

IF you search for your name and it is not available – here are some tips to help you pick a good domain name for your firm.


After you pick your domain name you will need to “register” ie buy it from a domain name registrar company, such as Namecheap who offers .com for the best prices


While you will pay money, you are only really purchasing a “registration fee” that gives you the license to use that name for a period of time, usually one year.  Subsequent years will require additional registration fees to continue to have the use of that name for your company website.


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