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As a creative entrepreneur, you want to protect your work and keep it safe. Copyright registration will give you legal protection against others infringing, using in whole or part, your creative works.

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How to copyright a song music
Copyright registration is protection for original works of authorship such as books, music, and art. When you register your copyright it establishes your rights in the public record for claims on all uses of your creations. This means that can take legal action against any business or individual who attempts to steal your intellectual property rights and copy or distribute your work. This theft is referred to as infringement.

I like how easy Legalzoom makes getting copyrighted. In minutes, all online you can file our copyright and protect your songs, books, lyrics, music, photos, writing, websites and art. Copyright in 3 easy steps and get walked through the process of completing your copyright application.

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Is the easiest and cheapest way to get copyright protection for your works. While it is possible for individuals, who are not attornies to file copyright registrations, at, it can be complex and time-consuming.

That’s why I recommend taking 15 minutes to complete the simple, and easy to understand questionnaire and spend just $114 (plus federal filing fees) to get:

  • Copyright application filed electronically directly to the US Copyright Office
  • Notification of delivery confirmation of your application in the Library of Congress



register your copyright


    1. What can be copyrighted? The US Patent and Trademark law states protection for “original works of authorship” that are in a tangible form. These forms are literary, music, lyrics, drama, dance, pictures, graphics, sculpture, motion pictures and architecture. Notably absent are digital works since the law was drafted before digital media was invented.  Digital media can be copyrighted IF the work is a medium that can be perceived and reproduced.
    2. What rights does the copyright owner have? As a registered copyright owner you have the exclusive assigned right to produce copies and distribute, or perform, or display or create derivative new works from the copyrighted work. Plus you will have the legal right to license and authorize others to do the same with your copyrighted work.
    3. Can I copyright names, slogans, logos or ideas? No, current copyright law does not protect name, titles or slogans. However, you may be able to Trademark these things. Logo designs are treated differently due to their commercial value to a business. You may be able to get both a copyright and a trademark for your logo.  Copyrights are not allowed for protection of business ideas. But, if you express your ideas in a tangible form such as drawing or writing it could be copyright registered.


It’s your creation. Keep is safe


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