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get divorced onlineSadly, divorce breaks up families and businesses.  Yes LegalZoom, my recommendation for low-price and high-quality legal services are indeed available for divorce proceedings.

Based on my research of customer reviews LegalZoom is rated as amongst the best online divorce websites. Top divorce review sites such as rank it 4.0 out of 5 stars. Top marks for the person review from the LegalZoom team was rated positive by customers, as compared to DIY forms that you do-it-yourself.

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Is Uncontested Divorce Right for You?

LegalZoom attorneys recommend an uncontested divorce if your situation meets these five criteria:

  1.  All Property is Disclosed and Division is Agreed – Both of you know about all your marital assets, and neither is hiding bank accounts. Also if you both agree generally how the assets should be divided. In this case, an uncontested divorce could work for you.
  2. You want to do the divorce as quickly as possible – Time is saved with an uncontested divorce because the process is not delayed by asset distribution negotiations.
  3. Both of you agree on Custody – of the Kids, Pets, and Businesses – Children, pets and most certainly profitable small businesses can be contentious issues. If you can agree on a custody agreement before you begin divorce proceedings then an uncontested divorce could be a good choice for your family.
  4. You want to Reduce Costs – By opting for an uncontested divorce will save substantial amounts of money. As an example, Legalzoom Divorce packages start at $299 compared to over $15,000 by a New York lawyer.
  5. Both of You want to make your divorce go smoothly as possible – Contrary to popular opinion, an uncontested divorce does not mean that you as a couple agree on everything it just means you both have a general agreement on the major issues of assets, children and your small business future ownership and management.

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If your marital situation meets the above criteria then contact LegalZoom and begin your divorce process affordable. You will save valuable assets in both monetary terms and also emotional currency. Plus you will greatly shorten the divorce process time so you can move forward with your new life sooner.

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