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As an entrepreneur and small business owner, from time to time, you will have the need for legal documents to be reviewed by a licensed attorney.

 You don’t need a full legal team nor expense attorney, you just want a professional lawyer to read over the document and check if it is OK for you to sign.  Legal professionals will be able to spot any loopholes you need to fix, and any unfair conditions that you need to get changed before accepting the contract.

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legalzoom legal plans small businessExperts recommend that before you sign any legal document you get it reviewed by an attorney.  You need to be sure that there is not any fine print that will put your business at risk.

I like that Legalzoom offers their legal document review services as part of a low-cost business legal plan at no extra charge.

Personally, I have used attorneys, to my benefit, to review my standard consulting agreement, my office space rental lease, the lease for my tenant apartment and two employment contracts. I am really glad I used this service because the attorney found two points in my employment contracts that were illegal and also notified me that my office lease did not contain certain important clauses.

For a small fee, I got legal protection and peace of mind.

These are the types of contracts that need to be reviewed by your lawyer:

  1. Leases for office or retail space
  2. Supplier Contracts
  3. Customer Sales Contracts
  4. Employee Contracts
  5. Real estate leasing
  6. Partnership Agreements
  7. Rental Agreements
  8. Purchase Agreements
  9. Selling or Buying a business or route

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Too many businesspeople enter into contracts without fully understanding the business law. A contract is created anytime that you, or your firm, agrees to perform an action or buy anything. Even if that does not seem like a contract to you.  This means that common business item such as bills of sale, purchase agreements, employment agreements and other transactions are legally enforceable contracts.

Most new business owners write their own business contracts – at their own risk. It is foolish to put your business at such risk when contract review is so inexpensive.

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