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LLC formation at Legalzoom reviews, cost, benefits, features, options and comparisonsEntrepreneurs, check out my Legalzoom LLC review when you ready to start a business and need an LLC, DBA or INC.  Thinking about using LegalZoom the online legal services site? Perhaps you are like some of my readers who are wondering, “Should I use Legalzoom for an LLC?”

I know, that it is hard to turn your great new business idea into a thriving business. The first step to starting your business is the legal stuff, which means setting up a business formation – LLC, DBA or INC.

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Perhaps you have attempted to do it yourself on your own state’s website and found it confusing and frustrating. Now you are, rightly so, considering your options for legal services for business setup. Perhaps you are wondering, “Is Legalzoom Legitimate?” Yes, read my full review of Legalzoom to see for yourself that it is worth it to form an LLC online and why it is the best LLC formation company.

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This review of Legalzoom will be as fair, and objective as possible. I am specifically reviewing these legal services of an entrepreneur starting a new company in mind.

I recommend Legalzoom for low-cost and high-quality business legal services such as LLC formations. Read my review of As both a small business expert and successful entrepreneur, I have spent hundreds of hours researching, reading user reviews and evaluating the small business legal services offered by

Read my comprehensive review below and learn how to start your business legally and affordable.  Additionally,  Legal zoom offers other legal services for small business owners such as trademark searches, copyrights, patents, legal document review (contracts & leasespower of attorney, wills and living trusts.


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Pros and Cons of LLC

One of the first tough jobs all entrepreneurs face is what type of organization should they use for their new business. Should it be an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or a corporation, and if so what type of corporation?

Thankfully Legalzoom can help guide you with expert legal advice on which business organization type is best for your specific situation. You can use their online questionnaire and also call the toll-free number for personal guidance by an experienced legal professional.  They offer legal services for:

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  1. They do it all for you, you do not need to have prior knowledge of business formations or any legal training whatsoever. You are guided every step of the way
  2. You get professional advice from their legal team on which type of legal business structure is right for you – DBA, LLC, or INC – s-corp or c-corp
  3. Fast delivery of our incorporation or LLC legal documents. Based on millions of business formations you can expect good, fast service. Your LLC or incorporation will be done quickly and correctly.
  4. Prices are competitive in the industry starting at $149 which includes all the basics you need to get your LLC state documents completed professionally, accurately and filed properly
  5. Less expensive than a business attorney or local law firm.



  1. Billing misunderstandings have been reported by some customers. The issues seem to be that the users have inadvertently purchased items they did not realize. My tip is to carefully review your order before making payment to be sure that you have ordered what you intended.
  2. Longer wait times for customer service due to the high volume are experienced from time to time. Because they are a large firm they are serving many customers daily and you may need to wait.
  3. Slightly higher costs than other low budget firms by under $100. Due to the success of Legalzoom low-priced competitors have blooded the market. Remember that you almost always get what you pay for. I like to stick with a proven market leader instead of buying from an unknown company to save only a few dollars.


LLC Formation Pricing and Costs

Legalzoom offers three packages of prices for LLC formation, which may change depending upon your state, from the Economy starting at $149 to the Express Gold at $359.


Legalzoom LLC Packages & Features

This screenshot compares the different costs and packages.

Features by PackagesEconomyStandardGold
LLC document FilingYesYesYes
Operating AgreementYesYesYes
Name availability check and business filingYesYesYes
Financial bank account authorization letterYesYesYes
Turnaround Time30 business days15 business days7-10 business days
ShippingStandardStandard2-day shipping
Company Seal & BinderXYesYes
Customize membership certificates (20 copies)XYesYes
EIN Federal Tax Number - Employers Identification Number ObtainedXXYes
FREE 30-day Business Advisory Legal PlanXXYes


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Customer Reviews

The business owners we surveyed liked how easily they had access to legal professions at Legalzoom.  So whenever the need for an attorney came up, they could easily ask legal questions, get advice on their particular business issue or have a highly trained attorney review legal documents such as contracts and leases. One call or email to LegalZoom and they got legal advice and assistance.

 Form an LLC – The easiest, most flexible way to launch your business.

Using Legalzoom professionals to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) will protect your family’s personal assets, such as your home, savings accounts and retirement investments from your business debts and liabilities. Also, unlike some forms of corporations, LLC’s are usually more flexible to allow Entrepreneurs, like you, greater freedom to run your business your way. That’s why you launched your own firm, right? -to manage your firm the way you want. Get started with LLC formation for 10% less use legalzoom referral code BEST4B18

A million LLC Formations

Over 2 million small businesses have used LegalZoom to form their LLC and launch their own company. To me, that speaks volumes to their professionalism and expertise.

4.6 Stars Customer Reviews

A whopping number of customers reviews 15,162, that are all verified top review sites, earned almost 5 stars! That is quite a feat satisfying tens of thousands of customers in the complex process of setting up an LLC proves the quality of Legalzoom legal services. Over 10,000 customers gave 5 stars!

Legalzoom reviews 4.5 for Value, 4.7 for Fits My Needs and 4.6 for Customer Service. Reviews are tagged with – Verified Purchasers and Experienced Business Owner, so you can trust that these reviews are authentic and meaningful for you to use in your buying decision.


customer reviews of legal zoom

Customer Support for a  Lifetime

Many customers reviews mentioned the positive experience of lifetime customer support that LegalZoom offers all customers of LLC formation.

Best Attorneys & Latest State Legal Regulations

The best attorneys work with LegalZoom to prepare and submit your legal documents in accordance with the current legal regulations in your state.

Legalzoom vs Incfile


We are glad to help you on the way to your entrepreneurial success with this legalzoom review with promo code 2018 =BEST4B18 (get 10% off ALL products) Save hundreds of dollars on your LLC formation or business incorporation with this Legalzoom LLC review referral code discount.

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