Legalzoom vs IncFile Comparison - LLC Formations and Incorporations compared to legalzoomYou have choices of affordable online legal services and you want to make the right choice for you when starting your business. You know I highly recommend LegalZoom, and today we will compare it to incfile, which in some situations may be your better choice.

Why I usually recommend LegalZoom

As a seasoned business owner and after researching and writing many reviews of the legal services of LegalZoom I am impressed with their good combination of affordability, quality and customer service.

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I understand that you want to shop around to be sure that you are getting both a good deal and a good product. Thus this review of one of your other choices for legal services online – Welcome. Legal help is here – Legalzoom

incfile vs legalzoom for incorporation reviews

What Legalzoom & Incfile have in Common

  1. Capable of handling the entire legal process of business setup for you.
  2. You will not need to understand any legal jargon or have any law experience
  3. Simple order process consists of answering easy questions and completing an online form
  4. Quick and reliable
  5. Personal assistance from trained customer service reps
  6. Helpful advice on legal matters and legal documents on their extensive blogs
  7. Lifetime support for compliance helping your business stay compliant with regulations
  8. Affordable prices that are significantly cheaper than hiring a lawyer or law firm
  9. Your information is safe and secured with good security from industry leader Norton Web.

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How Incfile and Legalzoom Differ

Experience – Legalzoom Wins

Comparing experience makes Legalzoom the clear winner with over 16 years in business and over 3 million customers, while incfile has only served 100,000 customers in their 13 years of operation. I like to go with a known entity with a good track record which Legalzoom clearly demonstrates.

Prices – Incfile Wins

Here is where has the advantage, their prices are lower than Legalzoom for some legal services. It is their competitive advantage. For LLC formations the difference was about $100. Know that you do not get the same items in the LLC formation package that you do with Legalzoom. Read below on what is missing.

Incfile does give you a year’s worth of Registered Agent services that is a good bonus.

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Package Value – Legalzoom Wins

Here Legalzoom wins again by including the important Operating Agreement, customized, in all incorporation packages. Incfile does not.

Processing Time – Even with a Tie

Both companies are timely and offer upgraded packages for faster delivery.


When Incfile is a good choice for your business

As promised, here are the situations for which Incfile is a better choice for your business:

  1. Tight budgets and low capital funded startups can benefit from saving some money
  2. Companies with straightforward ownership and simple business models
  3. Firms that can generate their own operating agreement and other necesary documents in-house

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Read LegalZoom review of online legal services for business formation and get a promo discount code

Welcome. Legal help is here – Legalzoom

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