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Recently my reader Shelly Williams, from Denton, Texas asked me the question, “Is LegalZoom Worth it for LLC?” Perhaps you too are wondering, Should I use LegalZoom for LLC formation? or DBA, EIN number or incorporation. Is it good for starting a business?


Here is my professional answer:

After much research, user interviews and my own personal buying experience, Yes I highly recommend LegalZoom to start your business and form your LLC.

legalzoom referral code coupons save 10%It is definitely worth it as compared to DIY, setting up your own LLC, which is complicated and time-consuming. Plus you could make a costly mistake that you won’t find out about until it is too late – when you are being sued and have no protection for your personal assets because you filled out the form incorrectly.  As a busy professional your time is worth more building your brand and contacting customers than trying to figure out how to be your own attorney.

New business owners will save both time and money using LegalZoom to legally start their business.

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Here’s why LegalZoom is worth it:

  1. Affordable Legal Services – For straightforward legal services such as forming an LLC you save 400% vs a local law firm in your area. For business startups when cash is tight this is an excellent way to reduce expenses while maintaining quality.
  2. Proven Expertise – They have set up over a million businesses so they have the experience to help you start your business legally.
  3. Fast Delivery Service – You can get your LLC formed within 7-10 business days.
  4. Convenient – Using their user-friendly website you can have your LLC set up in under one hour.
  5. Attorney Advice – Consultation with an attorney is included for an unlimited number of calls about legal matters.
  6. Great Customer Service – US-based customer service agents are ready to take your telephone call from 5 am to 7 pm, Mon – Friday and Weekends from 7:00 am to 4 pm.
  7. Satisfaction Guaranteed – They offer a Satisfaction Guarantee within 60 days of purchase for a refund or credit.


Positive Customer Reviews and Ratings

All across the internet, LegalZoom users have posted high ratings and positive reviews. Small business pros such as Joshua Dorkin, of top site Bigger Pockets, says, “I’ve used them in the past and had no problems. They were very helpful in helping me accomplish my needs.”

LegalZoom – Over 1 million businesses have trusted us to help them get started.
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