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When you have Living Trust in place your family will inherit your assets instead of them being spent on legal court fees. Also, your beneficiaries are able to have access to their inheritance faster without going court battles.

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Give your family clarity and peace of mind, start your Living Trust at LegalZoom.

A Living Trust is a legal document that details whom you want to manage your property and ultimately distribute your assets to your loved one, charities or employees.

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Save Thousands of Dollars

You will save over 80% of the cost of a private attorney (some charge over $3000) to set up a Living Trust, as compared to plans starting at $249. Then use our exclusive promo code BEST4B and save another 10%

Avoid Probate Court

Your estate stays intact and is inherited by your family and not diluted by expensive and lengthy probate court proceedings.


Keep Your Business Private

Since your estate will not go through Probate Court the public and your prying neighbors will not be able to know your assets, debt nor who will inherit your estate.



Living Trust Packages by Legalzoom

Three packages are offered from the Basic at $249 to the best value, Comprehensive at $269 and my recommendation, The Estate Plan Bundle at $299.

I recommend the Estate Plan Bundle because of the low price of an additional $50 you get Estate Planning Attorney Advice for 1 Year.

Plus the bundle includes these important legal document preparation and filing:

  1. Financial Power of Attorney – Assign decision makers for your legal and financial affairs if you become incapacitated
  2. Living Will – Tell your loved ones what you want at the end of your life
  3. Healthcare Power of Attorney – Decide who can make important medical treatment decisions for you


Free Revisions

All the plans include Free Revisions for up to 30 days if you want to amend our Living Trust.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Living Trusts


  1. If I have a Living Trust do I also need a Will? Yes, because all of your assets must have been transferred into the Living Trust in order to be passed on to your heirs. Attorneys recommend that you have a Will in place to be sure that any assets not yet put into the Living Trust at the time of our death are distributed according to your wishes.
  2. Is my Living Trust legal if I move to a different state? Yes, Living Trusts are valid and legal in all 50 states in America. The state where it was created and you signed is not relevant to its legality. However, if you buy property and acquire assets in your new state of residence it must be transferred into your Living Trust.
  3. Can I add or remove property from the Living Trust? Yes, If your Living Trust is an individual trust you can add or remove property at any time. But if you have a shared trust, you will need to get your co-trustee agreement if you are co-owners of the property.

A Living Trust is a legal document that details whom you want to manage your property and ultimately distribute your assets to your loved one, charities or employees.

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