7 Musts to Get a Great Logo Designs

Before you go to 99designs to order your logo, it is very important to take the time to answer the following questions to get the best logo design for your new company branding.

Preparing the answers to these questions will both make your order placement fast and easy plus you will get more designs that you submitted in the graphic design contest.

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Only when you are clear on your marketing message,  that will be communicated visually with your logo, can order a 99design graphic design content to create logos you will love!

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Logo Design Checklist


1- What type of company are you?

B2C, B2B?


2 – What do you sell?

Products or Services?


3 -Who are your target customers? Small Businesses, mothers, athletes?

Small Businesses, mothers, athletes?


4 -Look and Feel

What is your primary point of difference from your competitors?

What is the “vibe” you want to communicate? High tech, soft touch, cool, hip or retro?

High tech, soft touch, playful, serious, cool, hip or retro?

5 -Usage

Where are you using this logo? Website header, what size and orientation – vertical or horizontal?

Social Media profile covers and images, retail signage business cards, flyers etc?

6 – Likes

Examples of logo you like. DOES not have to be from your industry. Shows the designer your taste and aesthetics.

Colors you like

Fonts you like

7- Dislikes

Examples of logos you hate. Shows the graphic designers what to avoid.

Colors you don’t want in your logo

Fonts you do not want to see

Samples of Logo Designs from 99designs


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