Top 20 Online Businesses to Start Today

Have you ever thought about leaving that corporate job behind and striking out as an online entrepreneur?

Did you know that there are many online businesses that you can start without any money or investment?

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Check out some of the top 20 online business ideas for beginners:

  1. Blogger

We all have great ideas and interesting opinions, and most of us have thought at one time or another how great it would be to get paid to share them. Online blogging can not only be a great creative outlet, it can also make you money! Today there are dozens of online blog platforms to help you get started, and many of them can help you monetize through ad revenue. The bigger your audience and reach, the more ad dollars you earn!

  1. SEO consultant

SEO is the backbone of the web industry. Every website needs to contain a specific set of targeted keywords in order to be efficiently picked up in search engines, but most small businesses and websites don’t know the specifics of how it works. If you have experience with Google Analytics or writing solid SEO web copy, consider setting yourself up as an SEO consultant and help businesses owners drive traffic to their sites.

  1. Life coaching

We all struggle sometimes with various aspects of our lives, whether it’s our weight, our motivation, or our work/life balance. If you are a compassionate listener and passionate about living positively, consider becoming a life coach! Coaches are more in demand now than ever before, and you can help bring your knowledge to others and help them achieve the success they want in their life.

  1. Online eCommerce retailer

With the boom in digital marketplaces, it’s never been easier to set up an eCommerce shop. If there are certain products you’re knowledgeable and passionate about (clothing, books, kitchenwares, sporting equipment), all you need is a web-hosting service that offers a shopping cart feature and you could turn that interest into a solid business. You can store inventory yourself, or save time and money by linking up with suppliers and having them ship products straight to the customers. Check out Shopify – get started for free!

  1. Selling handmade crafts

Do you have a hidden hobby? Does crafting run in your blood? Online platforms like Etsy and ArtFire are phenomenal outlets for getting your handmade crafts into the hands of grateful customers. Overhead is very low on these sites, which means that you’ll make more for your hard work.

  1. Voice over work

Do you have a calm, soothing voice? One that’s cool and professional? Or how about one that’s powerful and booming? Believe it or not, there’s a demand out there for native English voiceover work for a lot of web videos and other online content! Check out some of the voiceover gigs on Fiverr for inspiration.

  1. Business Coaching

Just like with life coaching, there are many small business owners and solopreneurs that have great ideas and great products, but needs help with certain aspects of their business. If you have skills in business development, marketing and branding, or accounting, consider offering your services as a business coach! As more and more people leave the corporate world to strike out on their own, the demand for seasoned advice and guidance has never been higher.

  1. Web design

Let’s face it: we all have seen bad websites, and we know that nothing can turn off a potential customer more than shoddy design or poor layout. If you have a knack for design and know (or want to learn) some basic online skills like HTML or CSS, you can start your own business offering those skills to small businesses. Approach local businesses to build your portfolio, or better yet, create a beautiful website for your services that shows off your skills!

  1. Mobile app developer

With over a billion smartphones in the world, the demand for mobile apps has never been higher and certainly won’t diminish any time soon. People use their phones to stay organized, stay in touch, and be entertained. If you have a great idea to boost productivity, or help people distress with a fun game, consider turning your idea into an app. Don’t know how to code? No problem! There are plenty of affordable freelance app developers who you can subcontract to help bring your idea to life.

  1. Logo design

If you have an artistic flair and a good aesthetic sense, consider putting those talents to use designing logos for businesses and websites. Logos are such an important aspect of branding, and, as we all know, many small businesses either have no logos or have logos that leave much to be desired. Reach out to local businesses or tap your social network to find clients and pitch them some ideas!

  1. Freelance writer

Generating online content is big business. There are countless blogs and websites that need regular copy produced for their readers and to keep up ad sales, and many of them hire outside writers to help. You could write blogs or online articles, help businesses create compelling copy for their websites, or write letters or resumes on behalf of paying customers. The variety of paid online writing jobs is endless!

  1. Social media consultant

Big companies often have a team of social media experts who run their giant ad campaigns, but small business and solopreneurs often to have to run their campaigns all on their own. It can be daunting, which is why many small business owners turn to social media consultants to help them target their ads and maximize their impact. If you have experience in advertising on social media, consider offering those skills as a consultant to help businesses target their audience, strategize their content, and find the best posting schedules.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Customer reviews drive the majority of online business. If you already have a blog or a sizeable following on social media, you should consider affiliate marketing as a way to bring in some extra income! Word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way, and many companies and producers are willing to share a portion of their profits with individuals who promote their products online and drive referrals and traffic to their products. So quit writing reviews for free, and start leveraging your online presence!

  1. Online personal assistant

Assistants aren’t just there to get coffee. A valuable assistant helps not only with organizing and scheduling, but also with errands, planning, and project-related tasks. If you have excellent organizational skills and understand the fast-paced demands of entrepreneurs or high-powered professionals, you should consider offering your services as an online personal assistant. Look into companies like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack that allow you to connect with local individuals who are looking to delegate tasks and get help in their busy lives.

  1. Freelance editor

How many times have you found a typo on a website, or come across some pretty atrocious writing online? With all the content being generated for websites and online platforms (see: freelance writer), there is an equal need for skilled editors to make sure everything is up to scratch. Editors can work on web copy, or help independent authors polish their books and get them ready for publication.

  1. IT Support

Only the larger businesses and corporations can afford to have full-time IT staff; many small businesses, on the other hand, have to find outside help when something goes wrong or when they need to upgrade a certain part of their system. If you have some computer savvy, you should look into offering your services as an IT support person. You can even work remotely through screen-sharing and video conferencing—just be sure to have references ready, so it might be wise to start local first.

  1. Bridal Consultant

Planning a wedding is a HUGE deal. There are literally hundreds of little details to keep track of, and many young couples have to balance work and life with all the ins-and-outs of planning the biggest day of their lives. Having a consultant help with suggestions, recommendations, and planning can go a long way. Bridal consultants and bridal concierges are in high demand, so consider this path if you love all the glamor of a wedding!

  1. Online consignment

Vintage is back (or did it ever really go away?). If you’re a bargain hunter or have a knack for finding the gems on the thrift store rack, you should think about selling those vintage finds online. Set up a virtual storefront and brand yourself as a vintage expert, and share your style with the world. Take stylish photographs of your clothes, or hire local models to bring your looks to like. Set yourself apart by developing your own visual and aesthetic style.

  1. YouTube

It’s stunning to think how many people have been able to quit their day jobs just by posting content on YouTube. Do you have a passion or a hobby you could talk about forever? Do you have funny ideas or commentary on the games you play or the shows you watch? Many people have made millions doing just that, so do some research and find a niche that your particular brand of funny or insightful can fill.

  1. Travel consultant

Do you love to travel? Do you have a travel blog with a decent following? If so, you are in an excellent position to offer your skills as a travel consultant. Many people want the adventure of travel, but don’t know where to start—and that’s where your experience comes in! Help people plan and arrange their travel and get paid to do what you love.

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