Sell Your Creations Online: Open an Etsy Shop

Love shopping on Etsy?

If you are creative, why not open your own Etsy shop?

Start your own business online in 2018!

You can make money online using your creative talents and create a home-based business. is one of the largest online marketplaces on the globe selling unique and handcrafted items. You have the opportunity to open an online store ,  your Etsy shop to sell your products and services online to the world. Since 2005 has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start online businesses and open their Etsy shop.

In 2016 almost $3 billion dollars worth of merchandise was sold on the e-commerce site. 2 million active sellers have access to 30 million active buyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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First, consider these points before becoming an Esty seller. Your answers will determine your best marketing plan.

  1. Do you want to create full-time income?
  2. Are you opening your store for a side gig?

How to open an Etsy Shop:

Pick your Niche

When deciding on what type of products you want to feature in your store be sure to pick one that interests you and your passions. This way you will never grow tired of creating new items for your store

Once you have selected your product category, start researching other sellers on for inspiration and competitive information.

  1. What types of words to they used to describe their items?
  2. However their products unique?
  3. Which way do they present their items? What is attractive and compelling about their store?
  4. What price points are offered?

Armed with the information above draft out an initial product line offering.

how to open an etsy store and sell items

Determine how you will pack and send purchased items to your buyers. Be sure to decide if you will ship domestically or internationally

Source your supplies and raw materials and calculate your cost of goods and profit margins.

Work out your customer service systems and social media marketing.

Treat your Etsy shop just like a standalone e-commerce store, and you be ahead of most other sellers.

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Set up your Etsy shop Tips

First, you need to register an account at Etsy before you open your store.

It is free to open an account. However, once you begin selling products there will be charges that need to be calculated into your retail price such as:

  • listing fees – $.20
  • transaction fees – 3.5%
  • payment processing – 3% and $.25 per transactions


Follow this Quick Start Checklist To Open your Etsy store

  1. Sign in to
  2. open an account – click sign in -click register and create username and password
  3. Select a store name- have a few options ready in case your first choice is not available. You could try adding words such as shop,  boutique, store on end to see if it is then available.
  4. Add your billing information in set up to be paid when purchases are made. Enter your credit, or debit card and bank checking account information account and routing numbers
  5. Create Listings of Items
  6. Get  things ready to sell and ship
  7. Take digital photos of your items from multiple angles. Best image sizes are 800- 1000 pixels wide
  8. make a list of words to use in your description and the relevant tags and title fields. These areas are utilized in the Etsy search engine to show prospective buyers your items.
  9. Determine the retail price for your product which includes your cost of materials, Etsy fees (SEE HERE), packaging and shipping costs


Fill Your Virtual Store Shelves

It is best, to begin with as many items as possible. Many Etsy shop buyers prefer fully stocked stores, as opposed to a few items available. Stores with only one or two products can appear less than professional and will often turn off buyers. Experts recommend beginning with at least 20 products. However, if you do not have that many, don’t let that stop you from launching your Etsy store, just keep adding as you finish items.

learn how to sell on etsy

Successful Etsy Seller Tips

Add new products frequently – new products will keep your existing customers coming back to repurchase and will also attract new buyers. Also, it makes your shop professional and fresh.

High-quality photos – post the most professional, and top quality photos possible. This makes your store more credible and at enticing to buyers.  Steer clear of fuzzy and sub standard images because they turn new customers away.

Descriptions with details – include plenty of details in your descriptions to describe all of its features, benefits and to promote your item.  Don’t utilize the full description area or use generic wording.

Put in Keywords for SEO – Etsy search works like all other search engines such as Google does use specific words to show prospective customers your items. The areas to put keywords, terms that people used to search for specific items, are Titles and Tags.  Research which words are most often used to find your type of items and use those in these key fields on your listings.


Marketing Products Tips

Top sellers cite social media as their best source of their store promotion.

Right after you open your Etsy shop, open social media accounts for item promotion and to build your customer base.

Open accounts on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and become active by posting images and links to your items.

Also add your photo and bio, plus creative vision, people love to get to know the artist behind your creations. This will help build your sales and social following.

Make sure to add your email to all social accounts and respond quickly to any messages and questions.


Shipping and packaging

Look into many different types of packaging and shipping methods to discover the one that best suits your product and schedule.  The cheapest method is not always the best solution.

Shipping methods that include tracking, signature confirmation and insurance are often the preferred method for buyers. Calculate these additional costs into the price you charge your buyers.

Many Etsy sellers report that the majority of their customers prefer expedited shipping options because they are buying last-minute gifts and need them to arrive on time.

Also you will need to have on hand, and have calculated the cost into your pricing sellers packing materials such as shipping peanuts, kraft paper or other void fillers to prevent damage during shipping transit.


You got the tips and steps to open your Etsy shop. Get going and good luck.


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