HOW TO GUIDE: Start a Professional Organizing Business

Every new year we all make resolutions. Some have to do with the weight and to get in shape or saving more money, and the majority of people have some form of organizing type of New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to de-clutter their homes, organize their office filing systems, organizing tasks at home or in the garage. There is a deep need for order in our homes and offices as we move into the new year of 2017. The feeling of a streamlined and efficient system brings peace and comfort in today’s hectic world. While some people tackle these organizational projects themselves, many people hire professional organizers to help them develop systems, build habits and create an organized environment.

Is your dream to start your own professional organizing business?

Here’s a list to help you organize your thoughts and direct you to action steps begin your new startup firm:

  1. Personality Fit – even though you may be a very organized person. That’s not enough to start your organizer company. You need to be able to teach, demonstrate and implement techniques in both residences and businesses. People skills, management, and patience, will all be required to complete paid organizing projects. The top skills needed to succeed in this industry are:
    1. Listening and understanding clients needs
    2. Visualization of space correctly
    3. Planning to actionable steps
    4. Teaching and coaching others

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