10 tips How to Pick the Right Domain Name for your Business

Shopping for Domain Name for Your Blog? Read these tips to help pick the best one for your business

Choosing a domain name for your website to represent your business is a very important decision that will require a lot of thought and research. The name that you pick will be your address on the World Wide Web for your company’s website and domain. As such you want to make sure that it is the best choice and these helpful tips will guide you your perfect domain name.
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1. Typing Ease – you want to pick a name that will be easy to type for your prospective customers to get to your website. Plain English, short words, and no tricky symbols nor punctuation is in order

2. Brevity is key – the shorter the better. A shorter name is easier to remember, easier to type and less likely to be misspelled or forgot.

3. Descriptive words – consider using words that will help the reader understand your businesses offer. One of the best uses of this strategy is Johnson & Johnson who uses the domain name baby.com, many of their best selling products are sold for baby care.

4. In your neighborhood – depending upon your type of business it can be useful to include either your city or state name in your domain name such as NYarts.com.

5. Easy to say – you want to be sure that your domain name is easy to be said when given to customers on the telephone or in person. As such, it is best to avoid, dashes and other types of punctuation.

6. Be remembered – since there are millions of websites online it is helpful to have a catchy and memorable name. Once you have a few ideas of available domains, try them on your friends and business associates and see if it’s interesting and make sense to them.

7. Is it available? – Do your due diligence check the name that you desire is not otherwise legally bound to another firm by trademarks or copyrights. This will be sure to be a hassle and one you are best to avoid.

8. Extensions are important – the three letters after the period – or dot – are called extensions. Different extensions indicate the types of businesses or organizations website is attached to that domain name. While everybody seems to think that all domains have to end in .com that is just not so. Other common extensions are .net and .info. The use of .org at the end of the web address is generally used for nonprofit organizations and institutions. Every day it seems there are more and more domain extensions available. While they are interesting they can harm your ability to get proper search engine rankings and their best avoided.

Domain Name Extensions for Different Business or Organization Types
.co : an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
.info : informational type websites.
.net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
.org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
.biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
.me : blogs, resumes or personal sites.

9. Brand building – when you have decided on your domain name it is recommended that you purchase closely related domain names prevent competitors from buying those names for their own websites. An example would be a company whose name ends in an S – you purchase the domain name both with and without an S at the end.
10. Don’t delay – when you have chosen your domain name register it immediately. These days domain names go very quickly and once gone you will not be able to purchase them again. For the relatively inexpensive price of domain registration, it’s worthwhile any domains were considering using your blogs.

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