Small Business Grants for Women: Resource List with Links

Entrepreneurial ladies, are you looking for a list of small business grants for women starting a business?  This list of entrepreneur grants, with links to applications and guidelines sites, will help you start up your new women-owned business.

In the fast-changing modern market, entrepreneurs need access to new funds for new product ideas, research funds and for raw materials and inventories.

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While large businesses that have fared well can rely exclusively on their own profits to reinvest. However, to grow, all businesses they need loans to endure rough business quarters. This is particularly true for smaller businesses.

Though it can be challenging enough for startup businesses to become profitable, small companies led by women are at a disadvantage.

Data from the loan market indicates that female entrepreneurs are 5 percent less likely for conventional small business loans. This tendency also pertains to women who apply for the government-supported loans of the Small Business Administration.

Normally, women who manage to secure a loan also receive smaller amounts than male borrowers. This means that companies with female owners struggle to receive credit, which is an essential part of becoming competitive in any market.

Economists, sociologists, and market analysts have analyzed many elements to learn why women entrepreneurs struggle to receive credit. Some researchers think that women might be more reluctant to financial risks than men, and others say that girls simply apply for fewer loans.

These are important topics to take into account, but the reduced loan amounts for girls clearly demonstrate that bias is a vital element.Fortunately, many lenders and corporations have confessed female entrepreneurs’ advantages. They’ve attempted to decrease gender inequality and build the market with these small business grants for women.


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List of Small Business Grants for Women Entrepreneurs


The Eileen-Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant

Female entrepreneurs that are in need of funds to expand a company may apply for the Eileen-Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant. Eileen-Fisher awards five ladies with grants up to $100,000. To be considered for this grant, yours must be a woman-owned firm that promotes environmental and social change and is past the startup phase. Your company should have existed for at least three years, and you can’t have earned more than $1 million in yearly profits.



InnovateHER Grant

The InnovateHER Challenge is sponsored by the SBA – US Small Business Administration. This women-only business grant offers new entrepreneurs to the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a group audience and a panel of judges. It is like a real-world version of the TV show Shark Tank. A $70,000 grant is the national winners prize that they can use to turn their dream of entrepreneurship into reality.



Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps (WVEC) Small Business Competition

If you’re looking for funds to grow your human capital, look closely at the Ladies Veteran Entrepreneur Corp Small Business Competition.  The WVEC delivers a small company competition for girls who would like to be trained to take their businesses to the next level.  Competitors simply have to present a two-minute demonstration about an innovative business idea.  If you’re chosen as the winner, you may access an eight-month business training program.



FedEx Small Business Grant

The FedEx corporation grant program has proven particularly fair on grant distribution to women. To pick the grant recipient, FedEx enables the public to choose for their favorite entrepreneur to win. The company with the most votes receives $25,000 small business grant, plus they get millions in free publicity from FedEx’s media channels.



Amber Grants

Amber Grants are fitting for women entrepreneurs who plan to launch small businesses in their local area. Every month, one woman-owned company is selected for a $500 small business grant. At years end, one of the monthly winners is chosen for a $2,000 grant. The application process is simple, just explain the idea of your business.

Get an Amber Grant


Smart Women Smart Money

Utah’s Zion Bank offers a grant competition for women in search of capital for their business ventures. The winner of this competition receives a $3,000 grant to invest in her business.



 Small Business Innovation Research

For those who get a cutting-edge idea that you think will satisfy the requirements of the current market, apply for a Small Business Innovation Research grant.  SBIR STTR is America’s seed fund powered by the SBA. Your company can make a $150,000 grant to set up research and development objectives.  If the goals are demonstrated to be feasible, you can get up to $1 million at a two-year window.



Chase for Business – Mission Main Street Project

Google and banking leader Chase provide over $3 million in grants to 20 companies every year to celebrate American small business.  The sponsors are known for their commitment to progressive goals in the past, and women and minorities have successfully acquired financing.  The Mission Main Street Project awards $150,000 grants to winners.



Mom Inspired Grants

Huggies diaper manufacturer offers its Mom Inspired small business grants to ladies who create innovative items that are  “inspired by the joys of motherhood.”  Every year 12 moms are awarded $15,000 business grants. Huggies parent corporation runs the Kimberly-Clark Foundation.



Open Meadows Foundation Grants

The Open Meadows Foundation awards business grants to women on a biannual basis to promote justice in gender, race and economy.  To qualify for this grant, your business must promote racial, sex or economic equality in some manner.  Your company’s operational budget can’t exceed $75,000.  If your organization is selected by the board, you can make a $2,000 grant.



Halstead Grant

If your small business idea is selling jewelry made of silver,  you could get a Halstead Grant. The company was founded over 40 years ago and knows that the vigor of their industry is fueled by new talent and creativity. Each year, a $6,000 is granted to a jewelry designer who displays outstanding talent with silver jewelry creations.



Business Owner’s Idea Cafe Grants

Idea Cafe offers grants to small business owners that are “deserving entrepreneurs” according to their mission statement.   Throughout the entire year, you are able to apply for grants that are $ 1,000 each that come out of their own pockets. They run a website that supports beginner entrepreneurs, and new business owners with advice, tips, and free resources. It is super easy to apply and there is no charge to apply.



37 Angels Grants

37 Angels is an association that recognizes the disadvantages that women entrepreneurs have encountered in the small business loan market.  They are a community of women investors and venture capitalists whose mission is to educate and support entrepreneurs.  To help fight this issue,  37 Angels gives women small business grants as hefty as $150,000.



Belle Capital Grants

Belle Capital offers grants to companies headed up by women for early-stage funding needs. They specifically focus on the underserved capita markets in the US, which includes female entrepreneurs. The grant sizes vary. In addition to money to launch and grow your business, you get insider access to an expert angel investment fund with talented professionals to be your mentors.


In conclusion, this list demonstrates that there are many organizations, corporate, private and government, that are offering grants for women to launch, build and innovate in business.

Apply for one today. Good luck.

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