Godaddy Reviews: BBB and Complaints

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User Ratings

3.0 out of 5 = Good
BBB Better Business Bureau rates Godaddy 3.7 from 194 reviews

How to Buy A Domain Name for your Website

The first step of building any website or blog is to buy a domain name. The domain name is the “web address” such as, an example is the domain name  Once purchased this will be your address on the world wide web. Visitors will find you at the address ie domain name.  There are no special requirements, nor do you need to be a business entity or organization to buy your own domain name.  Everybody can do it and they are fairly inexpensive – often under $10.00 each for one year license.

Everybody can do it and they are fairly inexpensive – often under $10.00 each for one year license.

Yearly license fees are required to keep your domain active. While it may seem that you own the name, you are actually renting, or licensing, it from your domain registrar such as Godaddy in yearly increments.

BBB and Complaints

Godaddy is the premier domain name registrar. They are indeed members of BBB, the Better Business Bureau and are rated 3.7 out of 194 reviews.  This composite score is 4 stars. The BBB rating system overview rate is A+. Opened in 1997, BBB file opened in 2000. The company was incorporated in Arizona in 2011, as  LLC Limited Liability Corporation. Alternate business names include Go Daddy Software and Afternic.  Corporate headquarters at 14455 N Hayden Rd, Suite 226, Scottsdale, Arizona 8526906993. Phone (480)505-8800.

I carefully read many of the complaints and find that most are unfounded and due to a general ignorance of how the internet and domain market operates.  The process of purchasing a domain, properly registering it and building a performing website are indeed complex issues. Godaddy is being blamed for situations beyond their control.

We have been using Godaddy for over 10 years and are very happy with their products and services. In order to put this data into perspective, I have read all the complaints, with my professional webmaster knowledge, and will explain them in detail below. My intention is to educate you, the business owner, so you have full knowledge of the domain buying process at Godaddy.

The complaints are divided into these types of issues:

  • Products Needed – Inexperienced people were unclear of their needs so they purchased offerings by Godaddy. Later on, they decided they did not need these services and were unhappy about the seeming waste of money and blamed Godaddy. As Godaddy rightly responded, they do their very best to offer a broad range of products and services to cater to all different types of business needs.
  • Domain Availability – Some people used the quick feature to find names and then waited to purchase and were surprised when they were no longer available. Internet domain names are a hot commodity and can be bought at any time by someone else. If you find a good name buy it NOW -not later. Also, there is a very active secondary market of domain auctions of which Godaddy is only one of the many companies involved.  People were unhappy that domains at auction were higher priced than brand-new domains. This is because there is often more value to the used domains because they come with pre-built websites and incoming links.
  • Renewals – Some customers were upset that were charged for yearly renewals. They did not understand that as the “owner” of the domain you must pay yearly licensing fees to keep your domain active and to retain ownership.
  • Reinstating Expired Domains – The largest problem with domains is expiration. Some domain owners did not keep a close eye on their renewal bills and were past due on payments. Be advise that you can, and will, lose your ownership rights if you do not pay your renewal bill. Your domain will be put up for auction by the highest bidder. I advise all my clients to have at least 2 years of licensing prepaid at all times. The costs are so little, usually under $100, and the risks so high of losing your domain it is a wise and prudent practice. A few people had not paid their renewals because their credit card expired or was over limit. Again it is up to you as a business person to be aware and on top of this vital asset your domain name.
  • Contact Names and Ownership Issues – Most people do not realize that if they assign another, such as a webmaster as a technical or administrative contact, they could lose control and ownership of their domain name. Your name and contact info should be for all contact types, administrative and technical. You should use an email address not associated with your domain, such as your Gmail account, just in case your site is down you will not miss any important emails regarding your domain name.

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