Norton by Symantec Review: Best Security Antivirus Software 2017

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The Internet is awesome. You can visit museums in other countries, or sell products worldwide but it also has a dark side. Alongside all your new friends and interesting sites are thousands of hackers, thefts and nasty malware software viruses lurking. You will need super strong protection to stay safe. Let Symantec Norton Security Deluxe super-tough firewall be your personal online bodyguard. Protect your personal identity, privacy, passwords, computer system and financial data with this award-winning antivirus software. As a small business owner, you MUST protect your company data and your personal identity from theft online every day 24/7/365. Best antivirus for Windows 10. 

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Internet Protection 

I recommend Norton by Symantec Internet Security Software for all your devices, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Trusted industry source, PC Magazine, rates Symantec Excellent, after independently testing many antivirus software. It also protects you against phishing, called antiphishing protection. That nasty practice of sending fake emails that look like they come from trusted companies intended to steal your passwords and credit card numbers. Android users will be pleased to know that it has won awards for its superior performance in Android security protection. It does not compromise your system performance nor speed with all these safeguards. Mac users can enjoy the full suite, not a lesser version for their security needs. And if that is not enough there are lots of useful bonus features included in the software package. Norton is the gold standard in security suite software having protected millions of personal and business computers over decades. Multiple independent tests and industry experts have all deemed it top-notch. Buy Norton Antivirus download with product key.  Then go to your Symantec Norton account sign in to set up your preferences. 

Norton virus protection is an excellent value at only $79.00 per year or less with these discounts and deals. Up to five (5) devices can be protected – across platforms and devices such as Windows, Android, macOS and Apple iphone, ipad iOS devices. This cross-platform and multi-device protection is stellar and what makes Norton Symantec products stand out in this full antivirus software product lineup.
The cloud-based control panel, called Console is where you can manage and install protection on all your devices. Norton antivirus install is easier than ever to install. The online, cloud-based Dashboard Console has four main window panels named Security, Identity, Performance and More Norton. Each panel opens when clicked to reveal secure icon links to features such as Scans, Liveupdate, History, and Advanced. To access your settings simply go to your Symantec Norton account sign-in and click on My Norton account.

Every day a new malware or computer virus is created. You need a company that monitors, analyzes and innovates ways to thwart their evil intentions. Symantec, smartly, is using the infinite power of computers with “machine learning”.  Akin to harnessing the equivalent brainpower of a dozen human PhDs and research engineers to perform software analysis. Knowing that threats can be multi-layered, Symantec protects you at every level –network, desktop, hard drive and online, to fend off attacks from malicious websites malware and viruses. New technology Proactive Exploit Protection proactively prevents heap spray and ROP – Return Orient Programming – destructive elements. Encrypted Malware is no threat with the Threat Emulation shield.

Test Result Charts of Norton by Symantec – Courtesy of PC Mag

Read how this security software suite gets high scores by independent labs for antivirus protection, malware blocking and antiphishing. Note that this internet security software beats all other antivirus software, except one, scoring 9.7 out of 10 points.


test results software antivirus


PC Magazine Testing – 98% Malware and Viruses Blocked

PC Magazine hands-on testing confirmed the lab results. 97% of malware and viruses were detected and blocked and 98% of the newest malware hosting download sites.  The editors were impressed that this software prevented the user from visiting dangerous sites. Therefore protecting the user and computer system from threats before they happened.

Much More than Just Antivirus Protection

The newly added feature Intrusion Prevention impressed the testers by blocking attacks and exploits across computer networks and listed them by specific names. I like the name listing so I can further research any particular files that I find troubling.  There is also an Antispam component since many malicious attacks start with email spam. Conveniently this filter integrates into POP3 email accounts and the favorite email client Microsoft Outlook.

System Scans – Norton Insight

The scans are robust, such as the Norton Insight scan which reviews all files on a computer system. The trust level for each file is listed, as calculated by all Norton users, an excellent use of crowd sourcing intelligence.  I like the information on file usage of system resources, which helps me troubleshoot any memory hogs.

Internet Browser Extension  – Norton Safe Web

The built-in internet browser extension called Norton Safe Web uses colorful icons of red, yellow and green to indicate safe, moderate and dangerous links within search engine results such as Google. You are warned about hazardous sites so you can avoid them – keeping you and your system safe.

Password Manager with Multi-Device Sync

Included free is the full featured Symantec Norton Identity Safe password manager integrated into your software protection. Like all password manager it stores and auto fill passwords, but unlike many password systems, this one syncs across all devices.  Having all your password remembered on all devices is a time saver and huge productivity booster.

Startup Manager is a convenient way to disable programs from launching at system start draining your precious memory and slowing your network.

File Cleanup wipes clean those pesky temporary files that waste space and can impede performance. Disk Defragmentation feature will optimize Windows drives for smooth, speedy processing.


Best Free Antivirus 2017

If you cannot afford to purchase Norton Antivirus, even with these discount codes, a free software is your next best bet. Your PC  must be protected and should be your first priority on all new computer installations. Your hardware, software, data and personal identity is at risk for viruses and worse such as malware and ransom ware.  If you run Windows you have the included program Windows Defender, however it is weak at best. Windows has never made updates a priority so it does not have the latest protection against the almost daily new threats online today. Thus it is particularly vulnerable to hackers. 

Here are a list of the best free of cost antivirus software protectors:

  • Bitdefenders Antivirus Free Version
  • Avast Free Antivirus Software
  • Sopnos Home Edition
  • Avira Free Antivirus
  • Cnet free malware removal
  • AVG antivirus free download
  • Anti malware programs completely free

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