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Use our Business Idea Generator to get great new business ideas to start your own small business today. Get inspiration for starting a business with the one-click Business Idea Generator.  Use it as a product idea generator and to brainstorm new small business ideas.
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small business idea generator

This startup idea generator randomly combines products & services, target customers, pricing and delivery terms. At times you will get interesting startup ideas, other times inspiration for your own brainstorming and sometimes the outcomes are crazy nonsense! Start your own startup idea list.

4 in 1 Business Idea Generator – Industry Categories

  • Business General
  • Consulting Services
  • Retail Stores Brick and Mortar
  • Freelancing and Gigs

Startup Idea Categories

Business General
These ideas are combinations of niche industries matched to specific target markets of customers. Many of my business clients are too broad in their customer goals and thus do not connect with any buyers. Specialization is a good and powerful tool for many successful businesses. It concentrates your marketing message and can help you, the entrepreneur, laser focus for improved results.

Here’s an example of the way the good focus is key to success. Imagine a Graphic Designer who designs logos and brochures and markets to everybody. They figure every firm needs these items to launch! After using this business idea generator he discovers that designing for dentists is a profitable niche market. This narrows down and focuses his promotional activities to greater success than trying to be everything to everybody.

Using your expertise and time to sell consulting services can become a very lucrative business. Use your skill sets and sell by the hour, day or project. Are you good at installing stereo sound systems, as an example? There are many frustrated homeowners, and store owners, who cannot do this work themselves and would employ you for this project. These results are in a three-part value proposition, Price, Service and Time. Like this example “For $499 I will install your stereo sound system in 2 days”. Clear and definite statements such as this are very appealing to buyers and will generate sales.

Retail Stores
Everyday successful new stores are opened. You could start a brick and mortar retail location selling all types of items. Click the red button and become motivated by all the different types of shops you could open such as second-hand vintage clothing store, cell phone repair shop or event space and wedding planning.

Freelancing and Gigs
The gig economy can be highly profitable for innovative entrepreneurs. Gigs are short-term jobs of limited nature and scope such as designing a website or tutoring a student. Freelancing can also be lucrative, especially for digital skills such as graphic design, web development, and creative writing. You can even go as far as hosting their websites on your own services and charging per month for the service, which will include taking care of their website’s needs such as installing new themes, security, maintenance, updates, posting of new blogs or anything else they need.

Your customers can be worldwide and your office your living room. Check out the many freelancing jobs, complete with resource links, for your next achievement.

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