Business Plan Software Review: Bplans & Live Plan

Some entrepreneurs, like me, would prefer to go to the dentist than write a business plan! No worries, we got you covered. After reviewing many business plan software programs we recommend Live Plan and Bplan as the easiest, cheapest and best way to write your best document for your startup as part of your loan application to the SBA, traditional bank, investors and venture capital opportunities.

business plan software review

Software Program Features:

  • Cloud-Based or Desktop – this program offers, you the user, which you prefer a desktop software version 2 on install via CD-ROM or a cloud-based Internet-based version.
  •  Easy-To-Use – Users rated this business plan writing program as one of the easiest to use and the quickest to learn based on the navigation, step-by-step instructions and the library of information referenced throughout the process. The program monitors your actions and will prompt you with text fields and pop-ups instructing you on how to write your best plan.
  • Basic business plan templates – software solutions start you off with the basic package that takes you through the phases of startup, financing and investor pitching.
  • Feasibility planning – one of the most critical all aspects the writing processes is a feasibility plan creation that will help you sidestep the expensive financial mistakes and disappointments of starting a company that fails. Feasibility plans take your marketing idea and compare them the current market and your businesses competition and determine the likelihood of your venture success.
  • Import financials function – using an Excel spreadsheet, and other forms of financial computer files. You can import these numbers directly into this program, which saves countless hours and ensures accuracy. Quickly complete the financial projections of profits, income, and expenses.
  • Industry specific templates – many industries have different types of financial reporting, and thus there are specific templates for your industry type.
  • Add your own images – you can add charts, graphs, maps of your target customer area photos of your product prototypes, your logo, and retail store location
  • Autosaves – your document is automatically saved not have to continuously press the save button. This will prevent the loss of any information and keep you proceeding to your final finished marketing plan
  • Team collaboration and multi-user – this cloud-based software allows you to work with your partners, accountants, assistants, and other team members on writing plan. Real-Time Collaboration is both a time saver and a way for outsourcing, from your startup team, the best ideas for a top-quality document.
  • Multiple File Formats  – two most common formats are available Microsoft Word .doc and .docx and.PDF download AND printable. Other programs do not offer both options.
  • Sample business plans – reviewing the sample plans helps educate you on what your finished plan should contain. Visually being able to see this example of an excellent and well-written plan will give you a call to strive towards. Also, you will be able to see how your finished plan will look before you invest in a particular software program.

Benefits of Bplans and Live Plans for writing startup business plans:

  • Business success tips – upon your company launch you get to doing support and valuable information on how to build your business, increase sales, and advertise your products and services.
  • References for legal advice – many startup companies have the need for legal counsel to answer questions about business organization and structures such as corporations and LLCs and trademarks and retail space and office lease negotiations. The program includes both free, low-cost and paid legal plans.
  • Special investor section – the program will suggest opportunities for startup financing, small business loans and Angel investor options plus access to networks, specially designed or your type of company and industry.
  • Mentoring – you will get your own mentor a real human that will help guide you step-by-step starting your business using the marketing plan, wrote in life plan. Having an experienced entrepreneur advice for you present your plans to possible investors could be priceless and the difference between success and failure venture.
  • Market analysis – businesses succeed because their idea is right the current marketplace. As such, the development of your business strategy needs to include smart research on demographics, consumer buying habits and market trends and their impact on your proposed venture. Included within this program are direct links to up to date publications and websites, databases can utilize for this vital research on your industry, your competition, and emerging trends. In addition to confirming your businesses viability in today’s marketplace, you will be well prepared to answer investors questions about why your business is the best investment for their venture capital.
  • Investor pitch advice – learn from successful startups how to present your idea to investors secure or their confidence and investment to fund your start. This counseling is given in both text and video tutorial format.


Customer Support – 4 Ways

  1. Telephone – toll-free number for assistance on document preparation, system usage, and training is available at no additional fee.
  2. FAQs – a library of knowledge base articles and answers to questions that are frequently asked is available.
  3. Video tutorials – visual examples showing step by step the writing process. This is a simple way to understand how to use the program most effectively. Most users prefer learning how to use the system with videos, rather than text articles.
  4. Live chat – quick timesaver to ask questions that come up during the process of writing your document is available with this program.


7 Alternative Software Programs to Write Business Plans

We recommend Live Plan and Bplans as the best software to write business plans. Here are a list of other similar programs, with excerpts of customer reviews such as:

  1. Business Plan Pro – A desktop program by Palo Alto, the developers of Live Plan, which prints professional charts, graphs, and reports well.
  2. Bizplan Builder – Users like the intuitive interface that is easy to use but there is no company organization chart builder included. The financial projections are robust and offer versions for different funding sources SBA, traditional bank, angel or venture capital.
  3. Plan Write for Business– Navigation is easy to find and use, good-looking 3D full-color charts are impressive elements of a good investor pitch but there is no ability to have team collaboration.
  4. PlanMagic – Good research resources to determine industry comparations and trends in business but it does not offer the vital multi-user team collaboration of other cloud-based options.
  5. Ultimate Business Planner– Financials, from other accounting programs, can be imported but this program does not have pre-build templates included, which makes writing much easier and faster.
  6. Enloop –  Cloud-based version has a free business plan option which is basic but could be adequate for very small startups. Users did not like that plans could not be saved in Word document formats such as .doc and .docx
  7. – The mentor programs are an additional fee, which live plan includes in the standard package at no extra charge. The financial calculators and chart builders are good.



Results of our business plan software reviews are that Live plan by Palo Alto software is the best program to write startup business plans for beginners and non-professional writers.

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