Start A Business: Business Idea Quiz

Want to start a new business, not sure where to start?
Need business ideas?

Check out our business idea generator that will help you find out the best small business idea for you taking into consideration your personality, passions and current financial position. Our startup business ideas generators will help guide our thinking to create a list of ideas for companies to start and succeed.  Your next profitable venture is inside of you – our Business Idea Quiz will help you discover it.
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Here are ideas for your new business startup:

Business Idea Quiz – Answer these questions to discover the right your best new business idea

  1. Money, Finances, and Loans – How much money do you have to invest in your new business? If you are fortunate enough to have thousands to invest a franchise may be the right route for you. Learn more here. Perhaps you are like many successful entrepreneurs and have little to no money to start. No problem, use your creativity, wits and hard work to make up for lack of capital – check out these ideas for how to start a business with no money.
  2. Temperament – Are you high energy or laid back?
  3. Interests – More creative or computer oriented?
  4. Experience – What work experience do you have?
  5. Solo or Team – Love to work in groups or are you happier working alone?
  6. People Oriented or Lone Wolf Solopreneur
  7. Product or Service – Do you have a preference for selling products or services?
  8. Small is Beautiful or Big and Bold – Love to me lean and mean or what to be a big company?
  9. Home or Office – Love to work from home in your PJ’s or function better and are more productive in a corporate office environment?
  10. Life and Work Balance or Cold Cash – Is making money more important or having freedom and a flexible schedule?

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