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One of the first steps in starting a business is getting a great logo made for your new company. You have many options including crowdsource graphic design sites like 99designs and Design Crowd. If you are looking for alternatives that are more focused, and perhaps easier to order a logo more quickly you may consider

the logo company reviews
This site, The Logo is an alternative graphic design company who has a slightly different logo design process. Instead of posting your design brief and opening the contest to all of the site artists, they assign five (5) selected designers to work on your brand project exclusively.

>>Read my review of my experience using 99designs to create my new logo – that I love  🙂 (see it on the top above)

While I recommend 99designs for great logo designs, I was impressed with this new graphic site and thus am writing this review for your information.


Logo Design Process Simplified – Assigned Design Team

This company smartly improved upon the logo contest business model by removing the confusion of having thousands of designers submitting ideas. This helps to cut down on the confusion and time it takes to review many logo designs.

In my 99designs logo contest, I got 100+ really good ideas.  I liked having a ton of logo concepts to select from but it did take time and effort to look through them all.

Instead The Logo Co, after receiving your simple design brief on what you want your brand to look like they assign, hand-selected for your project. This culls out less experienced designers and only focuses on professional graphic artists.

As a small business owner, you will find it easier to review the submission because there will be fewer, typically 5 logo concepts.  You can then discuss your favorite designs and your specially assigned design team will polish and refine the designs until you love it.

For those who are unsure of the look they want for their logo or want to use the logo design contest as a form of brainstorming this company is not for you. You will be happier with 99designs.

logos by 99designs reviews

But if you want an easier process with more direct graphic designer communication you would do well to try The Logo Company.







Custom Logo Design Samples

Below is a sampling of the logo portfolio which are good. If I had to grade them I would give them a C+ or B-. The quality is good but I think they are not as creative or unique as those from 99designs.


samples logos done at the logo company site



They do focus on specific industries that I think is a good thing for those who are undecided on a logo design and want to browse other industry competitors for ideas.  Also, you know they understand your particular industry and market.


food drink logos

>>Read my review of my experience using 99designs to create my new logo – that I love  🙂 (see it on the top above)
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