Women Are Better Entrepreneurs - Here's Why

Why Women are Better Entrepreneurs



10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Entrepreneurs Than Men

  1. More Honest– Tend to be more open and have less ego about themselves and their business
  2. Value Relationships – Place greater value on relationships than transactions
  3. Appreciate Creativity – Have a greater appreciation of creative contributions
  4. Direct Communication – Gets to the point faster and more directly
  5. Fair Negotiators – Tendency to seek agreeable work team compromises
  6. Hyper Aware – Women’s intuitions is an asset in understanding and solving business situations
  7. Emotionally Intelligent – Understands how to work with people emotionally to build respect and cooperation
  8. More Ambitious – Statistically double the number of women want to become successful entrepreneurs than their male counterparts.
  9. Less Ego Blindness – Fewer blunders are made due to over confidence and lack of study.
  10. Calculated Risk Taker – Their intuition combined with critical thinking makes them more likely to select risks that succeed.

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