Name Your Business for Success

The right company name is a great start towards your success.  

The wrong name can spell business failure.

It is hard to come up a good name for your new business.

best names companiesUse this business naming checklist which will help and guide you through the process to get the perfect business name you’ll love and your customers will remember. Naming your new small business is one of the first and most important decisions that you as an entrepreneur will make for your new startup. Take your time and follow these tips to your new logo and name. 

Is my business name available?

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Great Business Names are:

  1. Distinct & Different
  2. Creative & Unique
  3. Full of Imagination
  4. Easy to Remember

Don’t try to think up your business name without help. You will probably pick a poor name, and that does not need to be so. 

Millions of Name Choices

There are over 28 million businesses in America and each has a name. The over a million words in the English language give you plenty of options to create word combos. Your business name possibilities are endless. Sure the common names are taken, but you will be able to make up a good name for your startup. 

Begin by Making a List of Keywords

Start the process of brainstorming to your perfect name by answering these questions and writing down the answers:

  1. What is your service or product? Spell it out exactly. Be as definite as this example, “We sell wigs, made of natural hair, to look like the person’s real hair to cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemo treatments to cure their illness” See how getting all the information written down gives you many word options. 
  2. Who are your buyers? Are they men or women? Seniors or teenagers? Businesses or Consumers? What type of businesses?
  3. Why are they buying this product from you? Continuing our example from #1 above, these people buy the wigs to appear to be well, and not sick from cancer and also to look better and feel more hopeful about their cure.
  4. Where do they buy it? In the mall or online? In a salon or a grocery store?
  5. What problems are you solving for these people? Are those problems emotional, physical or mental? Our wig buyers problem was that their hair was falling out and the wig covered that up and appeared to be the person’s real hair. 
  6. What makes you different and unique? Service or price? Location or quality? Expertise or exclusivity? 
  7. What vivid words are used to describe what you do? List adjectives and nouns such as for our wig seller, natural-looking, attractive, look like yourself again, feel better to help you think about possible business names and slogans. 


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Continue building your list with the words and phrases that your prospective customers types into internet search engines to find companies like yours.  Add other towns, states, and countries to your search to find similar firms, outside of your marketing area for inspiration.   Don’t use another firm’s exact name, just use those names to brainstorm your own unique brand name.

  • Use market level words such as industry names (ie catering, plumbing) and see what comes up
  • Try your competitive advantage term (ie faster, cheaper, cooler) to find interesting concepts
  • Your value proposition, innovation, or special feature is a good source to build memorable names (example – Evernote – Remember Everything)
  • Outside of Your Industry – Step back and look for an interesting combination of words from outside the industry. 

Play with Words for Your Perfect Business Name

Take that list of words and concepts from Part 1 above and mix and match and play until you find that perfect new startup name.
Name Your Business! FREE Corporate Name Search at CorpNet® – Get Started!

  • Try Wordoid to generate fictitious word combinations.
  • Domainr is a webmaster tool to find domain names, but it also makes good abbreviated company brand names
  • Rhymer  Find a name that rhymes with this tool. Good option if you plan to do a lot of radio or TV advertising. 

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Examples of Good and Bad Business Names

Here is food for thought some of the best and some of the worst business names. The best ones are descriptive and memorable, while some of  the worst are more than boring and confusing they are offensive!

Best Company Names

  • Bizfilings
  • Playstation
  • Hotmail
  • MyCorporation
  • Best Buy
  • Curl up and Dye Hair Salon
  • The Codfather – Fish and Chips
  • Drapes and Sew Much More
  • Wok this Way

best names companies

Worst Company Names

  • Hooker’s Funeral Home
  • Hand Job Nails & Spa
  • Kids Exchange
  • Beaver’s Trim Shop
  • Big Beaver Stump Grinding
  • Dick Cleaners and Carpet Services
  • Julius Scissor
  • Lawn-n-Order
  • Butcher Funeral Home

Name your business for success.

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