Cheap Printing Can Cost You Plenty

posters-printed-cheapIt is not good business to buy cheap printing online for your important sales brochures and business cards.  Due to the low quality, printing mistakes,  your new company’s reputation, and perception, in the mind of prospective customers, is seen as inferior – the exact last message you want your sales materials and letterhead stationary to communicate on paper.

Certainly, saving money on office expenses is part of a good financial strategy, but before you click to order that great online print deal on business cards carefully consider the “real” costs you are incurring by purchasing those cheap full-color cards. Not all costs are measured in dollars and cents.  Consider the money wasted in time, quality and appearance that constitute the full purchase impact of your buying decision.

Time Costs and Risks

Remember the adage “Time is Money”, this also applies to your printing transaction. Consider this, if you are ordering sales pamphlets to introduce your new product, the delivery date is critical to your business’s future.  If our inexpensive printer misses the delivery deadline you will lose the golden opportunity of launching your new product at the upcoming trade show – ouch that hurts the bottom line. Hardly worth saving a few cents to risk future sales opportunities.

Low-Quality Costs Dearly

In fact, often a prospective customers’ first impression of your firm, is those cheaply printed business cards.  Thus, flimsy inferior paper, low-quality and dull colors negatively communicate your firm’s benefits.


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