How to Make a Facebook Page for your Business in 3 easy steps

How to Make Business Facebook PagesFirst thing I tell all my clients is that you must, let me repeat MUST, have a separate Facebook page for your business from your personal Facebook page. It is mandatory because the privacy for individuals are different than companies on Over the recent years, Facebook has made this easier to keep these pages separate. In the past business, pages were called Fan Pages. Now they’re often called Like Pages. We will call them Business Pages in this article.

  1. Step #1 – create a personal profile. You may be wondering why after I just admonished you must have a separate business page Y am asking you to make a personal page. Facebook is designed in such a way that you need to have a personal profile 1st to be able to go in and create a business page. To create a personal taste book page. Follow the directions here:
    after you have created this account, go and log in using the email and password you created.
  2. Step # 2 – click on the top right-hand corner, see the screenshot below, on the link called CREATE PAGE. Be given a group of options to pick from as listed below:
    • Local business or place
    • Company, organization or institution
    • Brand or product
    • Artist, band, or public figure
    • Entertainment
    • Cause or community
    Most companies will choose the first categories local business or place or company, organization or institution. You will be offered a choice of the category by a drop-down menu that is very detailed from options of advertising, marketing service all the way through to University. Choose your category and then complete your address using your street address and business telephone number.
Facebook page creation screenshot where to start business page – CREATE PAGE


CREATE PAGE – Choices Local Business or Place, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Brand or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community choices – screenshot



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