How to Start a Consulting Business - Doing What You Love

Do you want to start your consulting firm? Tired of working hard for the boss and not getting the credit or money you deserve?

The definition of a consultant is “a professional who provides expert advice in particular areas such as security, management, education, law, human resources, public relation or marketing. In a specific field which functions as an advisor either to a business or a different person.” Sounds pretty vague, does not it?

Businesses certainly understand what consultants are and how valuable they can be to their success. Annually U.S. companies spend over $20 billion on consulting.

Bob Billing,  an independent marketing consultant in Roanoke, Virginia, believes more people are getting involved in the consulting area because technology has made it much easier to do so. “Today’s technology has helped me to succeed as a consultant and can do the same for others, ” he says.

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A consultant’s job is to consult. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s that easy. There is no magic formula or secret which makes one advisor more effective than another one.

But what separates a great consultant from a terrible consultant is a passion and drive for excellence. And–oh yes–a great consultant should be knowledgeable about the topic in which he or she is advising.

In 2017, almost anyone can be a consultant, if they have knowledge and drive.

how to start a consulting business

All you will need to find is what your specific talent is.

For example, are you comfortable working with computers? Can you keep up with the most recent software and hardware info, which appears to be changing almost daily? And so are you able to take this knowledge you’ve gained and turn it into a service that customers would be willing to buy?  If so, then you are ready to be a  computer consultant.

Or are you a professional in the fund-raising industry? Perhaps you’ve worked for nonprofit agencies in the business of fund-raising, advertising, public relations or sales, and over the years you’ve found how to raise money. As somebody who has turned a decade of fund-raising successes into a lucrative consulting business, I will tell you that fund-raising consulting is a growing industry.


Things to Think about Before You Become a Consultant

What certificates and licensing will I need?

Depending upon your livelihood, you might require special certification or a specific license before you can start working as a consultant.

Am I qualified to be a consultant?

Before you hang out your shingle and expect that customers begin beating down your door to hire you, be sure to have the qualifications required to get the work done.

Can I be organized enough to be a consultant?
I used Quickbooks Self-Employed to easily manage my consulting bookkeeping.

My favorite feature is that you can email customer invoices and get paid instantly. Then the money is put into your business checking account automatically.

Do I like to plan my day?

Time is money in the consulting business since that is your product your time and expertise.

Am I an expert in regards to time management?

>>You need to have answered “yes” to all three of these questions!

Do I love to network?

Networking is the lifeblood to the success of any sort of consultant today.  Begin building your network of contacts instantly.

Have I set short-term and long-term targets?

  • And do they support me to become a consultant?

If your goals don’t match up with the energy and time required to start and successfully build a consulting business, then reconsider before starting your own consulting firm.

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