Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs

Why are some entrepreneurs make it look easy to start a business and succeed?

What is their secret? What skills do these successful entrepreneurs possess that the other failing entrepreneurs don’t?

These 10 characteristics of an entrepreneur are key to business success.


Top 10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Succeed


Always Improving

Successful entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to improve existing products and services. They are always asking themselves How they can make these items better in function and design, and sell them at a lower price. It is their mindset that books for opportunities for improvement and profit.

Contrary to popular belief, some of the most successful businesses were not 1st in their industries such as these notable companies

Apple – They did not invent the 1st smartphone, but made it much easier to use and way cooler to own

Google – Yahoo was a search engine before Google was launched. However, Google improved the Internet searching for more accurate results.

Tesla – they improved the already existing electric car and made them cooler and more desirable

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Make Friends With Risk

Entrepreneurs who want high profit and big sales will need to be prepared for the possibility of failures. Entrepreneurship has both risk and reward. Your job is a successful entrepreneur is to find ways to minimize risk as much is possible, without letting the possibility of risk stopping you from capturing opportunities.


The Responsibility Is Yours

You, as the entrepreneur, are ultimately responsible to all parties to your business success such as your customers, employees, and suppliers. Smart entrepreneurs know that relationships build firms in the short and long-term.


Worker to Entrepreneur



Ideas are Only the Start

Having a great business idea is just the seed that needs to be planted, watered and weeded to grow into a successful firm. One of the key factors for success in entrepreneurial ventures is having a defined business plan.


Be Nimble and Flexible

Marketplaces shift unexpectedly, and your firm should be able to adapt the new market conditions. Use every mistake to your advantage to learn and to modify your plans for best results

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Get Help from Mentors

Benefit from others, experience and knowledge by getting a business mentor to help you in your startup journey. Or you could join mastermind groups with like-minded entrepreneurs supporting each other’s success.

Passion is Not Enough

Love and passion are great to start a business, but you need more realistic planning for long-term growth. Critically review your financial projections to Be certain that the business of your dreams can be a profitable reality.


Be Mission Driven

Create an inspiring mission statement and referred with daily. Be sure you are building your business in line with your goals. Your corporate culture is defined by this mission, and all employees need to understand these goals.


Complainers Fail

There will inevitably be tough times in your business. However, complaining will not help you nor your firm. The resiliency to continue through hard times is what makes certain entrepreneurs succeed where others quit.


Balance Life and Work

Always remember, as you work long, hard days building your new business, to keep in touch with family and friends, so you have a successful life in addition to growing business.

List of Entrepreneurs Throughout History

Matthew Boulton – 1809
Pioneered Manufacturing Processes

Andrew Carnegie – 1919
Steel Tycoon

Henry Ford – 1947
Automobile Manufacturer

Thomas Alva Edison
Science and Inventions

Oprah Gail Winfrey
Media and Entertainment

William Bill Gates
Information Technology and Computer Science

Larry Page
IT Entrepreneur

Sergey Brin
IT Computer Science

Steve Jobs
Computer Technology

Sir Richard Branson
British Industrialist

Mark Zuckerberg
Social Media Mogul

Ariana Huffington
Blogging Columnist

Peter Jones

Michael Newton
CCTV and Retail

Charles Kemmons Wilson

Simon Nixon

Anita Roddick

Donald Trump
Real Estate

Jeff Bezos
Online Retail

Steve Case
Internet Services

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