Facebook Posts Your Customers Will Love

Today I will answer a question I get asked all the time:  “What should I post on my Facebook page?

As an entrepreneur, you want to post engaging and compelling social media content that will resonate with your audience, and also sell some widgets!

Are you tired of the boring, and low engagement, posts about sales, product details, and promotions?

Yes, and so are your readers!

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Here are Ideas for Posts on Facebook that Will Generate Likes and Sales

FAQ – Question of the Week

Set aside a day, such as Tuesdays, to answer questions that your customers ask frequently. These relevant questions are the same that your readers ask themselves about your company and/or industry and niche. Example, for a dentist the questions could be;  Is it really necessary to brush my teeth after lunch? Will Rose wine stain my teeth as red wine does? What can I do not to keep my teeth into old age?

Offers and Freebies

Everyone loves a bargain and free gifts! This could be a free e-book guide to your niche audience, or a sewing pattern, or digital calculator for loan repayments, or chart to your dog’s medical information – use your imagination. Restaurants offer a free cup of coffee for visitors on a certain day. Sure you will give out free cups of coffee, but you will also gain a much more positive image of your firm.


Why Women are Better EntrepreneursPeople find these info-packed images an interesting way to get knowledge. Post just a point or two about the infographic and link it back to your web page where the infographic is published.

Business Process

Many customers may find it interesting to learn about how you manufacture your products. Charts or even short videos of your factory are very well received, as a sneak peek insider view of your firm.


Run a contest and give away a high-value gift such as a membership to your gym or a dinner for two.

Images as Posts

Research has shown that over 50% more people will stop to view an image than reading a text post on Facebook. Take advantage of this and create interesting industry-focused images. You can add text to send a message also.  Expand outside of your niche and post simply beautiful photos with inspiring quotes for your reader’s enjoyment.

How to Posts

How-to posts are amongst the highest engagement rate on social media. These are interactive ways for your readers to learn things that are of interest to them.  These can be in the form of checklists, tutorial videos, charts or diagrams.


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